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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scandalous: Almost Glitz, Glamour, 'Fame'– now seems to be living like a tramp

Victor Ofentse Sedunthle Kgokong, well, if you ever recall him in your memory, he presented “Eish The Most Amazing Show” that premiered on SABC 2 on Thursdays, of course if I am not misguided, you know, the dude faded a while ago.

Talking about Victor who once looked handsome and healthy – now the only thing you see on his Facebook account is pictures of a mix of cheap (Living small) and expensive (Living large) alcohol. Ever wondered what really makes some of our celebrities appear like hobos after failed to maintain a long everlasting career on television or any gig for that matter? I would not judge and say Victor is a prime example in many, but here’s the huge dreadful difference I shockingly saw while browsing his Facebook account.

Victor is/was with G3 models (Which Chad Saaiman is also listed as one of their models) – kind of thorny to even champion he’s still with them - not judging by his innovative looks that could be attached to someone who’s living in the streets somewhere in Johannesburg South, the area that doodles prostitutes day-light, nor that he stays there or I know of, but just a clear example of his current catch-22.

After the gig on SABC 2 the youthful man who’s emerging unconvincing disappeared like a fart – in reality he was expeditious than the latter to evaporate. Apparently he was also at the Top Billing auditions - according to his updates, all the best of luck, shame. Any gig will freshen him up a bit now.

Seems like he's rolling with club-woolly tongues all the way. What happened to the self hygienic young man? Not that it is our business but fans deserve to know where's the funniest and awesome presenter that once childishly entertained us on SABC 2? I am sure the picture left was another television role, pity we had to crop out some people.

It is so obvious that he lost his sense of touch ages ago - maybe the gig end took all charisma to the hobo grave. But this is a call to wake you up buddy! It is not a pretty example to those who once looked up to you, to be just an 'I Don't Care' like that.

Surely somewhere out there a kid is wondering where's that sweet-father Christmas guy who was once inside that television box. "Oh yeah! I loved him, he really entertained me." Another kid maybe thinking, "Mom, did they chase Victor away on television?" Kids are wondering dude!

When he updated this picture yesterday on his Facebook account - this was one of the comments from his righteous friends, "You really rock ntanga, big up 4 cheese boy." Gosh oh Geez, even if it was a television role - fact remains this young man has changed from being handsome to worst! What is so cheese boy about this appalling photograph?

I am sure it was one of those - "Go buddy Victor it's your birthday..." There's none good about the image, looking at how he changed from being handsome to being a hobo look alike. I am not sorry to bring this up and I know the truth hurts too much.

Wow finally something no one on earth can takeaway and make it their fish and chips - education. Big ups for getting educated, at least there's something invested in your life; though if not well in function, might also rust with time. I am also proud of this moment as a person who went through the same journey and I wish Victor could pick himself up without television makeup and show the nation that he's still the role model kids saw in him.

Can any production company please give him a gig? Oh please! I beg just to get him going and open up some more opportunities - we cannot let such talent go to waste at all Mzansi. Let's support our own tu aseblief tog... A popular reader said, "he's irrelevant" - but we need to know how's life after the small box.

Later Dills and Dolls! Bye for now...

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