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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dj Kwazee drops an album ‘MR X’ – it is nothing that can be compared to singing in a hollow container

Probably the most hyped album I have listened to this year – it’s Dj Kwazee’s album titled, ‘MR X’. He was untaught Kwazi Mpumlwana in the greater Eastern Cape region of Southern Africa, he did radio as a DJ and anchor, his first project with female band ‘Fohloza’. He then left the broadcasting industry to venture in the music business in Johannesburg. 

His album features some of the best fuelled house sounds, giving a bona fide snapshot to the sound of Dj Kwazee. Artists such as Dj Clock, Mono-T, Revolution, Queens of Dance and Shisaboy themselves feature in the awesome track-list of this stunning album, bringing you the magic touch within the production of the whole project into life. 

The sound of the album is nothing singing from a hollow container – which of course tells us that the mastering of the project which was done by Dj Clock is awe-inspiring. Going back to the hollow container, trust me, I am not a junkie when it comes to assuring you of high-quality music to buy into.

It is one of the albums you can safely ascertain that Dj Kwazee and his production followed their hearts and their pleasant-sounding instincts for MR X, and have well crafted and assured that this album makes a seamless transition from DJ’s popular spot to home-listening and back again, with of course musical connoisseur ease. What do you then have as an excuse not to buy the album?  Only if you’re being spiteful then you wouldn’t agree with me at all.

The only track that I partly like in the album, ‘Wangibheka uyangikolota Remix’ the mixing is awesome – just that I am not a fan of Queens of Dance kind of music, featured. But that will not make me miss the opportunity to celebrate Dj Kwazee’s well-crafted album. Contrariwise the 14th track album is on your next shopping-list. 

DJ Kwazee’s album titled, ‘MR X’ is now available in all major retail stores – if not on the shelves, request it!

Indispensable Songs: ‘Can I be your friend,’ ‘MR X,’ ‘Cori craft,’ and ‘Temple of God…’

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