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Monday, June 4, 2012

Day’s Hours and Minutes-off we go EURO 2012

Poland and Ukraine are waiting and prepared to stage yet again another EURO addition. And the traffic hour has just started injuries, predictions and all sort of talk leading up to the Championships. Players themselves are putting through their final swiftness trying to catch the coach’s eye. But what can we expect?

The English might as well be the biggest enemy of themselves; they failed to sort out their differences with their then best coach Fabio Capello following John Terry’s racial abuse roar- and he resign.

New manager will be taking underachievers like now England to EURO; will always be mission impossible, taking into account the loss of experience duo, Bailey and irreplaceable Frank Lampard through to injuries. So what Roy has in store for the English faith full? Time will tell, next round is possible for them at least.

One can put up their money for the Netherlands and Spain to reach the final. They are the world best top 2 teams according to FIFA’s rankings, but except that, with the teams they possess, they should push through until the final week at least. But Spain will be missing some key of their players, David Villa and captain fantastic, Carlso Puyol, but still you can’t bet against them going all the way. High flying van Persie will be hoping to transfer his scoring stroke to his Nation.

Portugal are an unpredictable group, they have excellent players but they just can’t click it together. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Mirales, Nani etc, but they can’t play together as a unit, they needed a play-off in order to qualify, so it hard to say exactly what can be expected of them. To make matters worse for them, they’re probably in the toughest group-consisting, Germany and Spain. So can we see Ronaldo packing his bags and leaving after just 3 games?  It possible.

One thing for sure about Germany is that they can score goals. So anything is possible with them just like the Italians, but anything less than top 3 I don’t think it can be celebrated. With excellent young talent Germany showed in 2010 World cup in SA, one can look forward to them archiving something great, players like Ozil, Muller, Gomez, Manuel, Lahm etc. they are a force to be reckoned with, so who is going to take the challenge at remove them?

From the teams I mentioned above I really can’t see other surprises emerging from other competitors. France are a great team indeed, but still on a building phase, host nations are also a good quarterfinalist but beyond that will be a marvellous achievements for them. Outside the pitch, troubles have started-or rumours of troubles at least.

Italian target Mario Balotelli has threatened to leave the tournament early if he is racially abused. While Campbell has claimed that some English fans will return home in their coffins from the tournament. All of this talks before the tournament start increased the intensity but on the bad side unfortunately. So it up to host countries to make sure they’ll be not remembered with death and racial abuse of people in their tournament.
But beside that it promises to be a captivating campaign, who will prevail or fall short, time will tell. You can just wish your team a good luck and success, but only the deserving one wins, what if the English for once can lift something? And what the Germans can say? Leaving you with that...

Till next time…

Its always looks impossible until its done” Fanele “thenatureboy” Mbuyazi

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