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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Best of Ntathe Mgozi:Top 15 things that turn me off

We all have things or people that turn us off completely, how about we go through some of those turns off? It’s been long since Ntathe brings you funny but factual stuff, you know? Stuff. So allow me to share my top 15 and very annoying turn offs. You might be digging a person and only to find out they actually do one of the things that turns you off.

1. Close minded in particular about them.
2. A celebrity who lives high life and ends up being broke, e.g. Guffy (Artist).
3. A person who always boasts about things they don’t have, e.g. Dj Sub saying he owns seven properties.
4. A celebrity who always undermine other people, e.g. Nonhle Thema.
5. A person difficult to work with, e.g. Brenda Ngxoli apparently her contract on RGB was not renewed because she’s hard headed.

6. A corrupt government official who still holds on to their position while being investigated for crimes.
7. Bad personal hygiene.  Ever sat in a next to someone and they smell like debris?
8. A person who’s always under the delusion that they are perfect or right at all times.
9. A girl who suck men their money in clubs and runs away without pay back time.
10. A person who wishes bad things for others but their life is motionless.

11. A guy wearing sunglasses in a night-club. What for? Unless you’re blind as a bat. Please take them off if you one of them because you look like a hobo and people will avoid such stupidity.
12. Flirt with everyone on Facebook and Twitter, does not matter even if you don’t know them, it’s boring.
13. Geez! My huge turn off eat/chew with your mouth open – Christ where did you grow up? With Aliens? That’s so no on please let it go.
14. Show-off, you know those junkies who always make a competition in front of their friends while at home the fridge is empty? You’re such a huge turn off.
15. Someone who sends me nude pictures and porn videos, whoop it turns me off I am not a sex pervert.

Would really love to hear what turns you off? Please leave your comments below or agree with me by linking this article.

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