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Friday, May 4, 2012

It is pointless to write a story about me for an online stupid publication, says Move Magazine Editor

A source within the Magazine industry made some serious allegations against Move Magazine Editor, Noluthando Philisane Gweba. The allegations were that she was assisted by former Jet Club Magazine Journalist (Sive Booi) to lift a story from the Jet Magazine to the Move Magazine. “She’s fraud, evil and pretending to be holy,” Alleged the source. As these were very malicious allegations we thought why not call all the parties involved.

The first person we called was Sive Booi whom we believed was the main source of the story. He told us that he worked for Jet Magazine for a good number of four years and he got dismissed last year October for a bridge of contract. 

GXN Reporter: I believe you worked for Jet Magazine?
Sive: Yes.
GXN Reporter: How long have you worked for them?
Sive: I worked there for four years.
GXN Reporter: We also learnt from our source that they fired you this year if I am not mistaken?
Sive: No that was last year, October.
GXN Reporter: Can you please relate to me the events that led to your dismissal?
Sive: What does that have to do with the article?
GXN Reporter: Okay it is fine let me just relate to you the alleged events.
Sive: Yes.
GXN Reporter: We have allegations that you assisted the Move Magazine Editor Noluthando to lift an article from Jet Magazine, can you comment on that?
Sive: I am not sure about that.
GXN Reporter: So you are not sure about that?
Sive: No am not really sure what’s going on…
GXN Reporter: Our source also told us that you were fired on the spot, did you perhaps get a disciplinary hearing?
Sive: Yes I did.
GXN R: So the outcome was that you are being released from your duties?
Sive: What happened is that I was dismissed on a Friday, they asked me to leave the premises. And I think that was the correct procedure to follow, I mean if you have done something and the company tells you to leave the premises (They got a right actually), you have to leave the keys and all that and that is what they did.
GXN R: Yes…
Sive: They asked me to come back on Monday and we had a meeting together with the HR Manager, the Publisher, the Editor and the Associate publisher.
GXN R: What was that you did that led them to dismiss you?
Sive: Well I am not at liberty to disclose that.
GXN R: Oh well, are you working as a journalist now?
Sive: I am actually freelancing.
GXN R: Freelancing, so after that did you manage to apply for any full time job within the respective industry?
Sive: I did apply for position but I did not get anything yet and I started to apply from December already. And things have been really hard and still I haven’t got a job.
GXN R: So you believe your dismissal was correct?
Sive: Not really, but bridge of contract what else can you do?
GXN R: I think so far this is fine because the main part of my story is the allegations of lifting of articles.
Sive: I could tell you what happened, just be clear on me what the story has to do with because I got nothing to hide.
GXN R: Okay, we doing a story on the Move Magazine editor and a source has alleged that she’s been lifting stories from Jet Magazine with your assistance. So I am also calling you as the source and I’ll also call Linda Mali of Jet Club maybe she will also be able to assist us with a comment.
Sive: Oh okay, let’s be clear on one thing, there was no story that was leaked to Move by Sive Booi.
GXN R: Yes…
Sive: What I usually do is to freelance for Move Magazine and I have got an idea that I proposed to Thandi.
GXN R: Yes…
Sive:  I suggest to her my ideas – we help each other. And if she’s happy with the story she would send me to go and do some research and work on the story. And that is the same thing with Jet Club Magazine, at Jet Club there’s something they call Check Book List, there that’s where people come up with different ideas.
GXN R: Oh yes…
Sive: I also get into that process, discussing what needs to be done and all that and all that. So I write my ideas in a piece of paper in my diary. So the ideas that were not used by the Jet Magazine which I suggested I also proposed to Noluthando Philisane Gweba (Move Mag Editor). Unfortunately for me when I came back from the office since I was on leave and I left the paper on my desk which was the print out of the email I sent to Noluthando with the ideas that I suggested to her, unfortunately again Linda Mali (Editor) and Christine (Associate Publisher) saw the paper and then they took it to HR. And that is how I got dismissed by Jet Club Magazine.
GXN Reporter: Oh I see now, so you had your ideas and they were never used and you proposed them to Noluthando.
Sive: Yes, it was about two or three ideas but most of the ideas that I had on that paper were my ideas.
GXN R: Oh okay I see, so where does the bridge of contract fits in here?
Sive: When you suggest ideas for the publication, they literally become the ideas of that publication or property so to say.
GXN R: Yes that’s correct.
Sive: Being the property of the publication, unfortunately I only understood that after my dismissal that you’re not supposed to give them to anyone because you’re bridging contract and that is what happened and I think that is how I see it.
GXN R: So there was no story as alleged that you assisted Noluthando to steal from Jet to Move Magazine?
Sive: No, I would be lying on that one and there’s nothing as such.
GXN R: Okay, it is fine. I think I will get back to my sources and also see if I can get Linda and Noluthando to comment as well. Thanks man hey…
Sive: And I hope you will not misquote what I have said.
GXN R: No man not at all and I will send you the link to the story when I am done…
Sive: Sure then “sharp.”

That was the end of my interview with Sive Booi former employee of Jet Club Magazine who claims to have known the condition he bridged on his contract after his dismissal from the Magazine.

On the 5 of current month at 12:29 sharp I call Noluthando Philisane the editor of Move Magazine.
GXN R: Hi, (Introduced myself and my publication name).
Noluthando: How may I assist you?
GXN R: Do you know a person called Sive Booi?
Noluthando: Yes I do know him.
GXN R: Is he one of your freelance journalists?
Noluthando: No.
GXN R: We have received from a source who did not want to be named some serious allegations against you… (Without finishing)
Noluthando: What are the allegations?
GXN R: The source alleges that you did fraud/plagiarism by lifting a story of ideas from Jet Magazine for Move Magazine and Sive who got fired last year October assisted you in doing so.
Noluthando: I never did any fraud or plagiarism, you can call my bosses and ask and if there was such the police will be investigating me/assist you on that. We have a good working relationship with Jet Magazine.
GXN R: The reason I am calling you is to comment on the allegations it’s either you dismiss them or you give me your side of the story.
Noluthando: I will not dismiss any allegations; do you want to speak with my boss?
GXN R: All I am looking for is your comment Mam and that’s all.
Noluthando: It will be pointless for you to make a story about me for a stupid online publication because I am not a celebrity. You can also call Jet Magazine I am sure they will be able to assist you.
GXN R: A stupid online publication? Bhuti I don’t care! (Drops the phone)

That was the end of my interview with Noluthando Philisane (Move Magazine Editor) which started with nice greetings and ended up our publication being called a “stupid” online publication. At least we are "stupid" but we have a footprint in 51 countries - unlike the struggling Move Magazine...

The next person on my list of contacts was Linda Mali (Jet Club Magazine Editor) who was so humble in assisting me with Sive Booi’s numbers day before. I then called her again and she was waiting for as promised yesterday that if anything involves Jet Mag she will be able to assist me. As soon as I was done with Noluthando I called her and she was on the phone – so I wanted 10 minutes and tried again.

(Phone Rings and she picks up)
GXN R: Hi sis’, I am from GoXtra News, remember I called you yesterday?
Linda: Yes I do remember you, how can I assist you?
GXN R: We have allegations here that Noluthando was assisted by Sive Booi to lift articles or story ideas from your magazine to Move Mag.
Linda: I am not aware of that and there’s no other misconduct that I am aware of. We do exchange copy with Move Magazine and it is always written at the bottom “Courtesy of Jet Club Magazine” in a very small font. So we have a very good working relationship with Move and I know Sis’ Thandi.
GXN R: Oh I get your side of the story.
Linda: So this source is Sive?
GXN R: No the source did not want to be named.
Linda: (Laughs) Oh okay then, there’s nothing that I really have to say about company policy.
GXN R: I don’t know whether I should see this as a joke as well and laugh with you because a source alleges this, Sive says that, Noluthando dismisses the allegations and you say your own side of the story.
Linda: You know what whoever your source is; really I don’t think this is something worth talking about.
GXN R: Thanks for your time Linda really it was worth it as to hear all sides of the story.
Linda: Thank you very much bye…

That brings us to the end of our story – we’ve heard all sides of the story and Noluthando dismissed all the allegations about her as she told us she never did fraud or plagiarism. Sive ended up understanding after he was fired that he was not allowed to share ideas suggested to the publication by him with anyone else. Linda told us that Sive understood his contract as he had a copy with him from the beginning of his duties at Jet Club Magazine.

We don’t see why Sive did not understand his terms and conditions as a journalist where was his curiosity to read and comprehend it? Is there something fishy here? We also know that the Check Book List is a very private document and it cannot be shared outside the publication, so he did not know that according to him?

Though he got fired for bridging a contract the Move Magazine editor does not remember him sharing personally ideas from Jet Club to her Move Magazine. There are many side in the above story it can either the source was misleading us, the editors are not willing to fully disclose the details of what really happened or and not limited to Sive Booi hiding the real facts leading to his dismissal.

We thank all our sources equally and that’s the pure end…

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