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Monday, April 30, 2012

Toya’s album “Due Drop” a must have

“I am ecstatic to finally be dropping an album…fans are in for a celebration, I can promise you a winning high with J.E.H.P. - custom made to funk you from cradle to grave. It's about to get charming!” Toya Delazy

Talented pianist, songwriter and composer Toya Delazy (Born Latoya Buthelezi) released a killer album titled “Due Drop”. She is one of those artists who constantly say gone are those days where you do not need to go to tertiary institution to be a musicians. 

Her journey started when she was taking classical lessons in piano at age 9 and in 2009 she then started with Jazz Piano at Howard College in Durban which has also helped her achieve her unique edge. Her music is a mix of Pop, jazz and classical music. She first released single - a massive summer hit from radio stations to television music shows “Pump it on” and it’s currently playlisted on most stations nationwide.

Fans are bound to fall in love with piano sounds, this song “With you (keys & voice)” is appealing and touching. It’s those songs that keep you next to music player, make everyone to plug his or her headphones or earphones on the streets.

This song “Love is in the air”  has elements of house groove beats, this simply means  it has ability to make your body move up and down as well as left and  right. House music lovers can’t wait to hear this song.

When Toya sings “Are you gonna stay”, you will definitely remember Niki Minaj, the way she flows with the song beat, with a very beautiful voice. Toya‘s album it’s a must have, it really satisfies all the music lovers because it goes from Jazz, soul, hip hop to house. This means everyone is catered for, what an accommodative album! It will surely remind you of Kate Nash, Rihanna, Niki Minaj, and Katy Perry for the reason(s) that she absolutely sounds like them.  

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