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Monday, April 2, 2012

Shame: The Zimbabwean Herald Getting it crazy on Mzantsi Artists

As always curious and reading what is shaping or being said about our local musicians, Ntathe Mgozi visited the Zimbabwe Herald and spotted the fish they write about a local and well respected artist.

SA “group” Ihhashi thrills delegates 
As for the above headline the last time I checked Ihashi Elimhlophe was a single artist and now he’s grouped by the Zimbabwe media. Or is it perhaps me not knowing local changes? 
Monday, 02 April 2012 00:00

Entertainment Reporter

top (Top, you start a sentence with a capital letter) South African traditional outfit Ihhashi (Ihashi) Elimhlope (Elimhlophe) literally brought the roof down on the Investment and Trade Exhibition held last week in Harare with their amazing fancy footwork and maskandi music, which is hugely popular in KwaZulu Natal.

The dazzling performance saw guests, among them Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister Mike Bimha, his South African counterpart Elizabeth Thabethe, and several other government officials from the two countries getting down on the dance floor at a dinner held at the Meikles Hotel.

This article is not only lacking information only but spelling errors too – I mean is there any entertainment or real reporter who does not verify things about their beat? This is so disrespectful and annoying that reporters can’t do their work properly and to top it all it passed the editors nose including the sub-editor that was crafting the headline.

“He has constantly innovated his music to remain a modern and relevant mouthpiece. Over the years he has stood the test of time as a solo artiste.” I mean for real group and now Solo? Ihashi Elimhlophe is a solo artist please – don’t get it twisted when you write, “Entertainment Reporters” of today…

I just felt sick in the stomach and could not even continue to show interest in their articles... Just sent the online editor an email - hope they reply...

Story By Ntathe Mgozi 

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