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Friday, April 6, 2012

Jezebel sees scant evidence in the Bible that Jesus was an asshole

Celebrations for the Easter weekend are on point and people are rejoicing this wonderful time of the year. Contrariwise Jezebel sees scant evidence in the Bible that Jesus was an asshole who commanded his followers to bully gay children to death. They also point a very important fact about Christian parents who think Christ has called upon them to act like jerks.

As opinionated as anyone could be - We rather stand on top of the fence than trying to find evidence that is going to undermine other people and their beliefs. But Jezebel has reasoned below to make you understand their point on the article. We all know that Christianity is portrayed as this holly being to be. We need to also bear in mind that people who claim to be Christians are living the opposite to values attached to Christianity but they are the first to see unholy in people.

We know and respect other people's beliefs but we had to share and comment on this article so that you know what is being said about fellow Christians. It's not us making up things but the manner in which Jezebel has brought the issue to the online community's attention has brought us to shock as well. We don't condone any views related to the article and we respect Jezebel's opinions...

Jezebel reasons, that's why they're actively working against the passage of anti-bullying laws at the state level — they believe that by making repeated, ongoing cruelty illegal, lawmakers are interfering with their Jesus loving child's right to point out that homosexuality is wrong and bad and hell bound.

"Bullying children is wrong and bad" may sound like the most basic tenet of human decency, but if you ask conservative lobbying groups like Concerned Women for America and Focus on the Family, making it a crime to taunt someone until they kill themselves is akin to interfering with religious freedom. According to AlterNet's Katherine Stewart, conservative groups across the country have opposed various anti-bullying measures because they say outlawing bullying is akin to state endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle. You know, Madonna and glitter and buttsex and all-women's softball teams all that. The homosexual lifestyle, reported Jezebel.

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