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Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm Back: Losers and Winners of 2011

Affairs, awards, gossip and money-grabbers as we look back at the celebrities that made news headlines in 2011. We look at the losers and winners with the hope that 2012 will be better for all Mzantsi celebrities and a year flourishing with wholesome news relevant to the industry. In SA gossip is a very scarce beat to write about because our celebrities are not yet in that abroad level whereby they are followed by the media wherever they go and that is simple because “some” of them lead boring lifestyles if I may say.

Zahara- Winner and loser
She blew up in storms which made 2011 a great year with her wonderful music that came with the release of her first album “Loliwe”. Her album received what I call a “Brenda Fassie” support whereby if not everyone but mostly loved and cherished her album as it bears some healing effects to those with bothered souls. The album gives hope as it tells you her story and where she comes from. On the other hand she’s a loser not because she made herself one but her record label TS records for shooting and producing poor music videos that do not even relate to her music. You would swear that they were shot by an amateur person. But besides that her music is still good. My concern is whether she will meet the high expectations we have on her second album, to be frankly that is not bound to happen at all. However, I would like to wish her all the lady luck she might receive for 2012.

Kiernan Forbes better known as AKA- Winner
There’s none much to say about this new-comer besides the fact that he rocks and he’s a multi award winner of Metro FM Music Awards and sure to see him winning at the SAMAs. He’s pure talent and combining talent with charisma can take one very far in their chosen field of expertise. Should he become a loser this year I will be here and watching from a microscopic point of view. Future forward, I would like to wish him all the best of 2012…

Madoda Mzizi- Winner
Madoda released his album “Mzizi” last year as a newcomer solo. He won the best afro pop award at the Metro FM Music Awards and he competed against the likes of Theo Kgosinkwe, Lira just to mention those that were the most anticipated to win in that category. You’d ask yourself who’s Madoda? Pity on the televised version of the awards they removed him and I don’t understand how this happened as he was the first artist to receive an award during that particular day. One could argue that there’s a plot against the melodic Madoda-Mzizi.

T’bo Touch- Loser
T’bo is a great loser of all time for being sued by a Durban based businessman for not honouring his booking. Thanks to the businessman for showing him that business means just that business and no hard feelings at all. Mfana grow up because you’ve been doing this for years now and you should at least know the results of not honouring your contract. Otherwise all the best for 2012 man, sorry that they sued you.

Another Big headed loser- Glen Lewis:
I don’t know why Cape Town promoters bother themselves in booking Glen because he’s not even a crowd puller for that matter. Anyway promoters that side know nothing about who’s or not a crowd puller. Glen failed to honour at least two Gigs in Cape Town last year cancelling on last moments for events that he deems to be better. Yes it is his business choices, but what about the people who have marketed and promoted the event? What about the costs involved? Hopefully Glen will use his cleverness to think for other people as well.

Dj Sbu- Winner
He’s a winner because he knew how to make the best out of 2011 by releasing his album featuring Zahara “Lengoma”, he knew that should he release her first no-one will bother to buy his album because most of the people love “Lengoma” the original version. Nice business move Sbu papa I indeed salute you, knowing that your music is no longer selling like before. You simply what I call a “flop” now and I suggest you continue making wise business choices like the one you did with Zahara.

Sizwe Dhlomo- Loser
He is a good loser who knows how to make business in good time and I salute him for that. But acting so shy on television knowing that you’re arrogant in real life makes you a loser big time. Then again it’s acting. You’d make a good character for “Ekasi our stories”. And of course we’ll miss you on Live (SABC 1) only because you thought you’re the only one that increased viewership of the show. No! Sorry dude it was everybody’s efforts, Asithanga nqa nguwe!

Nonhle Thema- Loser
She’s such a loser regardless the fact that she launched her new fragrance and hair products. She lost many supporters because of her disgusting twitter attitude and I certainly hope that she grows up this year and stop acting rich knowing that she’s so poor as if she’s from Zimbabwe. And please my lolly pop stop acting BIG because you were almost big but your sticking attitude messed up all that for you.

Until we meet again… Make the best out of 2012!

Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Add me on Facebook "Izindaba ZaseMzantsi")
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