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Monday, January 9, 2012

Fresh Talent: Lection Releases Gentlemen’s Club Album-Watch The Official Video

He’s a Motswana, the intro highlights to you that you’re going to be flavoured in Setswana. We have had loads of Setswana artists/rappers and it is difficult to compare one to another as they share the same touch in their music (language-wise), and yes because ThasMan has worked with the likes of Tuks (Discovered by him) and the likes of HHP so his production is forever plausible.

Lection has been discovered by ThasMan of Impact Sounds who recently released an album titled “Music Soul & Dance”. You would swear that you’re listening to HHP voice and style-wise but its Lection genuinely, I met Lection at some yearend (Matlosana) event that was held in Klerksdorp and I immediately required his album for a review since I have been hearing adjacent friends talking about this Gentleman. Finally, it landed on my hands titled “Lection Gentlemen’s Club”.

Listening to album title track “Gentlemen’s Club” here lection shows respects to all the gentlemen’s in the industry, Tuks, Khuli Chana, Boy Peza and ThasMan to mention but a few but in doing that he does not forget about the “Generals ba di khoneng…” honestly this as a title track of the album was a great choice. Many artist(s) lack to put in their music how grateful they are to people in the streets and some folks in the industry, so thumbs up to Lection. So in the above sense the song is about life-style, a way of life.

“In this album he’s basically taking you through his journey from the industry and personal experiences…” Said ThasMan

Wow! Let’s get it on! Let’s get it on! Let’s get it on was my best track of all time, something to commence the New Year with. He also raps about the lessons his mother thought him, “My mama thought me to never forget my daily prayer…” this also add some religious background in his life, so if you think rappers are just that rappers not with Lection. In a nutshell the song is a dedication to all single mothers and responsible fathers.

“Feels good ft Olwethu,” is one of the tracks that have made a stand alone in the album not because it feels so good to listen to it but it signals that if they have done it you can do it too. It sorts of encouraged me to rap all my articles instead of writing them.

Honestly there’s nothing one may say about his album more than the fact that it is wholesome and to be frank with you bo Tuks should look-out for this young and down to earth young man, of course he’s that off stage contrariwise on stage he's a burning fire nothing compared to paper fire. He knows just how to interact with fans and allow them to sink into his music. He does not center his performance on himself which failed many artists in South Africa.

So Ladies and Gentlemen if you want to be regarded in that title I suggest you go grab yourselves Lection's Gentlemen's Club to keep up with the latest in the country's good music and explore his version of music combined with stylishness and charisma. His album doesn't feel like Gentlemen's nor Ladies only but invites both for a good and a guaranteed purchase. 

The whole album composition is just an amazing master piece and it’s what I label “magnificent music” and therefore you snooze you lose. One word of advice to music promoters, you rather book him now before you regret missing the tasteful taste of his music. I just fell in love with the tempo of the album because it’s not rushing but it makes you do your thing with no sweat at all and the aim is to dance not to sweat.

It will not be surprising when he becomes the best rapper of his time in Mzantsi because he’s very talented, young and gifted. And the quality of the album should tell everything you need to know about it. It is by far the best produced album I have managed to review this year. Hopefully there are albums yet to come that will not change my criticism from being positive to negative and so far that's the reason I don't even attempt to critic nor listen to bad music.

Very few artists do remember to thank us as their supporters when they release music, but it feels good when they find it easy to just say “Thanks” for the support we give them during gigs and buying their music. And Lection  has mastered the aforesaid with his track, "Gentlemen's Club..." Not forgetting ones journey and giving credit to those who were there always enhance the chances of brand or product loyalty.

This is his first album and is obtainable in stores nation-wide, should you find it difficult to get it ask the store to stock it for you or contact Impact Sounds below. All the best lection my man and I trust that this is your year of yet great things to flourish…

My Rate: ❾/❿

Or for bookings send your email to or call 082 567 9786. All the best of 2012 to Lection and his supporters…

Review by Buchule Raba (Socialist) / leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to editor@goxtranews.comClick here to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook here

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