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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I am very thankful to my parents, and now I live with my biological Mother says Sive Msolo of Bush Radio

Sive Msolo is a South African Cape Town based radio presenter (Bush Radio). He also produces music and owns an invention company called Sive Msolo Productions 86' and also co-owns Deep Soul Fire (A Deep house movement). Below is my Q and A with him as we went on about career, family, friends and then you get to know the real Sive Msolo (Personal).

"Well for I never cared or liked school, I wrote Matric but never knew how I did till today I don’t know if I passed or not."


When did you start on radio?
3 years ago, it was November 3, 2008 when I did my first show.

What does one need to get into radio?
Well personally I wouldn’t say education, rather if you passionate and you love communicating with people then go for it.

What do you find exciting about radio compared to television?
I love the fact that people get to hear your voice only and from that they get to paint their own image of how you should look and it's always different from one person to another, and TV to  me just gives it away.

Besides radio what else do you do?
I am a Deep House Deejay and Producer and I shall be releasing another E.P during the last week of January this year titled ‘Music my best friend’. The single did really well world wide sales and on the E.P I worked with different producers e.g. Savage SvG, Ryotique Souljamz, Liquidroq and Andi Power etc. you can get a copy on as soon as its out there.


How many siblings do you have?
I have three sisters (Namhla, Nolitha and Fikile) and two Brothers (Sibongiseni and Thokozani).

What kind of family background did you grow up?
A Wow! I lived with my Aunt (mom) and her Husband; streets of Khayelitsha H section. The outside life never actually had an influence in my life even though I was always out there. I was never the type of boy who always followed what other children had or fashion and I was always thankful for what I had in my life, the parents I have played a major role in my life, loving and treating me like one of their own. We are Catholics at home and we were always at church eventually I was an altar server for more than eight years and also Chairperson of the youth for a year or two, I was very close to the every Priest that came to our church. Life was straight forward for me growing up and I am very thankful to my parents, and now I live with my biological mother.  

Who’s the funniest member of your family and what makes them funny?
Wow it will have to my Big Brother (Sibongiseni Madlala), he says random things with a straight face and half the time it will be just the perfect time to say it.


Who's your best friend?
My brothers.

What criterion do you use to choose friends?
Someone who will be there for you dark and good days always by your side to see you through never ever leave you or talk about you behind your back that guy.

Who's the funniest of your friends?
Ryotique Souljamz.


Where did you attend your secondary education?
I started at Wynberg senior secondary school but finished up in Pretoria Tshwane South College.

Who was your best teacher?
Wow, I never had those in high school they hated me (handful), primary school Mrs. Nzuzo not only she lived two houses away from me but she knew how to put me in order.

 Why would you say education is important for young people?
It would really be a lie if I say it’s important for them to go to school, because I am the same person who does not like school but I would say education is important educate yourself if you know what you want then go for it.


Who's Sive Msolo?
Sive Msolo is an entertainer, simple guy not that hard to keep up with, there is not that much about me I just love making people smile to bring joy into their lives.

Where did you grow up?
Khayelitsha was and still is the best places ever forget all the negativity that people say about that place just any other neighborhood we have our downfalls but H section was the best, a very small section of Khayelitsha and we were all family and knew each by name. We moved and played with each other you would swear we all had the same parents LOVE IT.

Who's your role model and why?
A My parents (Mr. & Mrs. Madlala), well this not just any other couple they were really special to me, never in my life have I seen them fighting and they groomed us perfect to who and what we are today. Because of the love and dedication they showed us, there was a point in my life where I wished all kids had my parents because they were fantastic even on our hard times as family they made everything workout very relaxed. I THANK GOD for my family.

Are you single? 
Yep! Woman want attention and always in studio working radio or music production, I just can not maintain a relationship, but hopefully one day I will find that one lady.

What is your motto in life?

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