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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chomee Releases A BIG NO NO NO Album

I by hook or by crook thought I was dealing or will only compromise my reviews to high-quality albums only, but every album deserves a review whether it is optimistic, pessimistic or both criticism. I decided to subject myself to that not getting any younger Arthur Mafokate’s production today, this was just to hear if he rolls with instance or he’s still stuck with those old school kwaito beats. Trust me I tried my best to listen to Chomee’s album titled “The Show” and I somehow thought he was introducing her as a lingerie model. Anyway allow me to review the album the way I listened to it as compared to other albums too.

I now concur with Kuli Roberts that you must just go for singing lessons and maybe after that you can give us something better to listen to compared to the whack album that 999 has once again produced. I was so aggravated when I was listening to track one which is the title of the album, not because it is called “The Show” but the vocals and the beats are crap and they should have simple considered those vocals for another beat.

I am of the opinion that this album was simple composed for the sake of 999 releasing an album and not for the value that we spend on buying local music. So the question will be what to expect in this album? Honestly the album it’s a BIG NO and if I did not get a copy for free I was not gonna waste my worth on buying the album. Maybe her vocals would have been better signed with another record label because Arthur puts that kwaito touch in everything that he comes across and that’s so damn old school.

Honestly now, can’t they learn how things are done in the music industry? I mean she at least should have tried to do a collaboration with these house Disc Jockeys and they would have tried to make a killer album, but if you are working with a kwaito stuck record label you’ll suffer, and thanks Queens of Dance for recognizing this and moved on because their music was crap as well nor that it is good now but I can see improvement is shaping.

Chomee your music is old school my dear and you need to wake up and smell the coffee even if you smell it from Black Coffee, you really need to keep up with current industry trends and not try to be different but yet you can’t get that right too.  Your album is simple for Barbie Dolls. Please my loving do yourself a big favour and grow with the industry even if you have to sign with a different record label.

As for the twitter song I really don’t know whether you were trying to follow the Dj Cleo trend and if that’s the case then sorry Ausi it did not work-out for you. Sometimes in music you don’t just need to follow the trends but seek the good models to follow and of course that’s if you lack the skill to come with your genuine music concept.   

As I was reading the album sleeve this is what I came across, “Arthur, thanks for all your support and always believing in me…” I mean who else would he believe in? Surely you’re the only artist that brings some chips to his record label and don’t be fooled only by performances. But keep trying my dear and maybe consider those singing lessons too.

Track number 11 “Thank you Mighty Father” yes the lyrical content rocks but it would have been better if someone else was doing the vocals nor that I put my judgement on you but you don’t know where to get off in terms of singing praises to the Lord simple because you’re used to being a kwaito girl. As I was listening, I so continued to track eleven, “Power to the People” a reggae type of a song, oh shame dear you went all out to make sure that you cater for everyone but it did not work my sweetie pie. I agree and thank you for singing power to the people because it is very encouraging.

My advice would be that you should at least consider modelling as a career and not just a model but lingerie as you are acquainted with how “we” roll at 999 music, “Sika Lekhekhe”. Please consider another record label because I see potential in you my sister and stop wasting your time with Arthur Mafokate geez! I would not advise anyone to buy the album because it will be only a once upon a time listening not pleasure that you can constantly repeat every now and then like Zahara, Aka, Nomhle and Madoda to name but a few. 

The album it’s a BIG NO NO NO NO NO FOR ME!

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