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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New York: Artist and producer Kna-Lo says South African Hip-Hop is needed and important

Knowledge Freedom (24) better known as Kna-Lo
(pronounced Na-lo) hails from Queens, New York. He is a Hip-Hop artist, writer, MC and producer, he defines his music as, “a throwback to all that was and is good in Hip Hop”. He was 12 years old when he started to do H-H music, and since this type of music genre is a powerful and influential one he thinks it can help to address matters affecting the public domain especially the youth.

Since I am from a country that is yet to grow and embrace this type of music more I asked him what he thinks of South African Hip-Hop music. “Needed and important!” said Kna-Lo. If he was to work with any South African artists he chose Brenda Fassie and Lucky Dube, pity they have passed on. This young man is driven by a powerful motto and he says, “Never give up/die hard!”

Kna-Lo has never visited the country, but sure considers visiting it future wise. His type of a woman must be feminine and must love being a woman. Personally besides music he describes himself as a seeker of light, love and happiness. I inquired if he does believe in God; “Yes, I know him personally…” answered the man.

He is currently working on tracks for Avatar 2 and several reality television shows, as well as several music licensing projects and commercials. More recently, he has music tracks that can be heard on MTV, The Millionaire Matchmaker, Bridezillas, My Sweet Sixteen and 2009-2010 Hottest MC In The Game.

He is venturing on a project with a goal to develop and nurture his own artists, but this is just a part of his major projects. According to author ( M. Blain, “He is currently partnered with legendary producer, D/R Period and Rock-boy Records ( Here’s a quote from the song produced by D/R Period, “I put the best together, BM700 smokin’ red pepper, bring tears to your eyes, chockin’ or whatever, Harley coats in the leather, I ain’t cold in the winter, don’t fold under pressure…”     

Blain also authored:

Kna-lo has built a solid background in the music business. He’s worked  with and produced such artists as Big Pun, AZ, Nore, Uncle Murda, Sean Kingston, Maino, Akinyele, Royal Flush, Capone, M.O.P., Boot Camp, and Lil’ Scrappy. Kna-lo has also appeared in music videos with Wu-Tang and Lord Rock and many others. In 2003, he released a CD on “Bomb Hip Hop”, which he had the role as producer/executive producer, writer and performer. Kna-lo is aware of how audience musical preferences fluctuate quite often.

With his ear to the ground, Kna-lo will continue to produce music to entice listeners and increase his current fan base. "at 50 thou I can't see you, music's loud I can't hear you take a hint I don't wanna be near you, I know it's Kna-Lo f*ck you, if  I were you I would hate me too"--(Quote from the unreleased single "Link")

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