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Monday, December 5, 2011

Last Friday: HIP-HOP Group ICU to release a second Mix-Tape

“The group was formed to bring a bit of diversity and a different sound that makes ICU music unique.”

Johannesburg: ICU is a collection of five (5) powerful South African musicians who are taking the country’s hip hop and R & B genres by wonders. The group was founded in 2009 with its versatile, fashionable and dynamic young beings.

The group members are:
Marc “Marco Polo” Maghoma, Edgar “Capris” Maghoma, Keith “Monstar” Mafu, Guy “Frenchise” Maghoma and, Ken “Pug” Kiambe.

Truly the group is a versatile one, they producer and compose everything regarding their music themselves which brings more feel and good performance to their wonderful music. Contrariwise they are maintaining their grades at the University of Johannesburg. The aforesaid brings to you a group of students, writers, producers, rappers, singers and artists. So when you are listening to their wholesome songs you’re not just listening to a group of amateurs but to  well produced beats and some witty lyrics and this goes as far as listening to a piece of their soul.

They are highly influenced by the great likes of Kanye West, The Neptunes and Lupe Fiasco. They are currently signed under record label Ward 66 Entertainment and under the management of Kush Production which you can visit their website at should you require more information about their management.

They describe their music as unique, rich in diversity with a guarantee to capture the international audience. They are not only showcasing their lyrical rapping skills, they will go as far as blowing you away with their sultry R & B vocals, rhythmic house tunes and mind blowing Hip-Hop beats. They are born entertainers, energetic, charismatic and no qualm at all but raw talent and flair at its best.

ICU is a breath of fresh air to music generated in South Africa and in just a matter of time will reach legendary status as musicians.”

Last year the group released their mix-tape called “Surgery No Anaesthetics (SNA)”. Their track “work” was remixed by a well-known South African Disc Jockey (Dj) Cleo for his radio single “Break You Down” featuring ICU which is also available in his album E’skhaleni 8. They first radio single “Can’t  Do That” which also blessed my ears was debuted on 5 frequency modulation (FM) at number 17 on the Top 40 and Top 10 on the UCT charts . The single is also play-listed on Yfm and a number of other community radio stations.

Their music video “Can’t Do That was on number five (5) most viewed SA music video on You-Tube (October). The video is also premiered on MTV Base Spankin’ New, Channel O crispy fresh and on Trace TV Brand new.

The group has had a fair share of interviews on Metro fm, 5fm with C-Live (Hip-Hop Power Nights) and on “Live to the Power of 5” with Catherine Grenfell where they also performed live. They were also featured in Global issue Dec/Jan 2011 of Hype Magazine.

The group has opened for Kaysha when he was in Mzantsi brought by Trace TV to perform at the bank. They have pulled crowds in Clubs like Vacca Matta-Fourways, Zouk and Marco Polo in Sandton City, Roxy’s-Melville, The Bank, Latinova-Rosebank, Shoosh-Midrand, Inc-Joburg and Emperor’s Place. 

The youthful group is currently planning on dropping a brand new mix-tape titled “Last Friday”  March 2012, compiled from some of their twitter ICU Fridays and some new songs. Same year August they will drop an album of which more details will follow. They are dressed and brand ambassadors of Fubu Clothing…

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