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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Editor: Thanks to all our lovely readers and my mother for snatching me

He was born in the rural areas of Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa (1987). He then knew everything at a young age, things like taking the livestock to the deep and of course skip the then Sub A now Grade R for this deed under the command of his late grandfather. He used to teach him how to count inye, zimbini, zintathu (and that’s one, two, and three) in his Nguni language, Xhosa.
Diminutive did he knew that his mother Nombulelo Raba wanted a better education for him. It was then revealed later when she went home from Cape Town and snatched/stole him from her parents, of which he called mom and dad. She took her only son and made sure his clothes will be washed in the Mother-City as this was going to delay her plans. These were the words of his grandfather, “Oh! UNombulelo undenzani ngomntana wam elunge kangaka nje…”
Let me begin and tell you my story, the name Buchule (which means creative) Raba (24) lives in Cape Town. This is where I continued with my primary, secondary to tertiary education. I am now holding a diploma in journalism and of course with DISTINCTION (high IQ level). It was conferred by the Independent Institute of Education, where I did my fair time as a student, campus magazine editorial director, correcting lectures about assignments and top in my class from first to final year. Honestly I have to say we all have our junkie moments in life, I remember being drunk on campus and the head gave me the first and the final warning at the same time as I was a bursary student, which means I had to lead by example.

Nevertheless, life will not stop and wait for you to correct your little silly mistakes. So I told myself that I need to pick up no pieces of my life and move on. As I was saying I stayed here from Langa, Gugulethu, and Mfuleni townships and up until my dearest mother bought a house in a much better place, Meltonrose. In this much better place I could study without hearing a car passing by.
I think now I am done briefing you about me because I know there are great story tellers who can or try to sell this as fiction. Now let’s get to the main part as to why I felt like addressing our readers today. I am very thankful that what I started as a midnight idea is now seen in more than 17 countries across the globe, who would’ve thought that in this stereotypical country?
Never mind me but it is my job to mind you as a young SA journalist. Haters are welcome to hate as they push me to greater heights in my chosen field of expertise. Let me give a round of applause to the following 17 countries that kept on visiting the site even if we did not publish for almost a week. I’ve asked some ukuthi what keeps them coming back? They told me they love the look and feel of the website, oh wow! On that note let me thank my graphic designer who upgraded my site to what it is today, Tumelo David Kubu.

I would further extend my super special thanks to:

Nomahlubi Msesi (Who believed in me)
Dumisani Maswana (A musician and a loyal reader who will visit the site just to see the look)
Vumasande Makinana (Our Number 1 reader, who almost offered me a BELLS for the government awards article)...
Lelo Boyana, who offered advice when I needed such. (Editor of Just Curious)
Ntsiki Mazwai (Poet and musician) for suggesting that we do a name change so that we can get more interviews.

Let me not waste any time further, cheers to the following countries:
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
Czech Republic
Congo (DRC)
Today as the owner and editor of this publication I am thankful to all the above states and the people who still continue to have faith in us. Would also like to grab the opportunity and thank all my co-writers for the continued support and dedication…
Let us all keep safe and enjoy the season of festivities! I love you ALL…
The Editor
B. Raba

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