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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twitter Attack: the last time Bonnie Henna was hot there was still Simunye Grooves

Soweto born South African actress Bonnie Henna/ formerly known as Bonnie Mbuli got attacked via twitter by a certain mistress who goes by the handle Beyonka Fierce ( This is what flooded Beyonka’s timeline as she fired vulgar tweets to the actress who remained calm and re-tweeted to her fans who showed her some support and love.

Beyonka’s twitter timeline:

“@bonniehenna I gave you more publicity today than you've gotten since Backstage.”

“@Bonniehenna you look like a gremlin with the face of a horse”

“I can take your man. You will come for your kids' visitation at my place bitch @bonniehenna”

“This is what happened: About 4wks ago @Bonniehenna said that Beyonce is overrated + that she doesn't get what all the fuss is about”

“The last time @bonniehenna was hot there was still Simunye Grooves”

“@cassandrashon what the fuck does Bonnie have that I don't have?? And WHY you got your BBM in yo bio bitch?”

“@bonniehenna my pussy tighter than yours though #Chappies Did You Know”

“Oh shut up u basic bitch RT @Bonniehenna: Indeed they will assemble against u, but no weapon formed against u in word or deed shall prosper.”

“@bonniehenna lookin like a damn cancer patient” (Sic)

Shame on you Beyonka sisi you really have no manners at all. Where are you coming from to call another human being as such? You should not be proud of yourself at all, we are trying to create role models for South African kids, and what are you doing? What you did was not on, and you should apologies to Bonnie, she did not deserve the kind of sick treatment you gave her. You were totally losing it big time…

I am sure no celebrity will ever want to cross paths with you after the drama you produced today on twitter, lifting yourself in a horse as if you’ll never fall. Grow up please and stop being a loser. Things like these should be avoided at all costs, say, if you have a problem with a particular celebrity address them in a more respectful and proper manner.

If you did this as a type of a publicity stunt, well, I am not giving you that moment of fame but show our international readers how mean and evil some people can be. What you did was so meagre and nonsensical. One point across, I am not even a close fan of Bonnie but I am correcting a matter of image/reputation damage to our local artists by people with BIG mouths but closed brains…


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