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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eastern Cape: A music icon is mourned

I was born on the 2nd of December some many years ago.  I am not old neither am I young in all these years i have lived I am still baffled either one element in society "death" mans greatest foe. I am a passionate enemy of his dimension; death is a pirate, a robber, a bandit, a thief, and a very merciless entity. It hovers over people seeking to prey on the earthlings. isiXhosa idiom stating "isitya esihle asidleli" describes how death select the chosen and favoured ones, the ones embraced by society, death is too proud to devour scam-bags and low lifers he wants the fattened lambs.

Well this is an entertainment rooted publication where am I going with this death thing? It is sad to report that one of the great emerging and promising talents has been called home sooner than we expected. A shocking wave of report was sent out of fatal car crash on R61 between Ntlaza and Mthatha. The victims of this accidents were Yolwando Nxaza aka Dj Msetshi, Zwelihle Mathe aka Dj Zwesta and Zolani Gwayi aka Dj Mzobhana of Double Doze. This occurred as they were on their way to a gig in Lusisiki, this also proved to be their final destination; with Dj Msetshi passing on the scene and Mzobhana taken to hospital to later on succumb to the injuries in hospital days later.

Dj Mzobhana as he was affectionately known was a crew member in a two part Dj crew known as Double Doze. He was born and raised in Mdantsane and by the time of his passing he was still residing in Mdantsane. Started music at a very tender age and endured on all the industry obstacles and for the past five years they had their music rotating in radio stations and taverns’ and clubs around the Eastern Cape. They revolutionised the music scene from a conventional on the shelf cd to trunk of the car a mobile shop for the hustling. For their latest album they team up with the E.C veteran DJ Tulz to bring out fire that is currently distributed by revolver records.

For Double Doze followers this is a huge loss and for music scene in general this is a blow, this was a promising and consistent Dj. I won’t be doing justice if I won’t mention the efforts put by house Dj's around the Buffalo city in attempts to honour the passed colleague. The thoughts and energy put in organising a benefit gig for Mzobhana at Mans East London late evening after the funeral which was held on the 22nd of October 2011 R10 got you in and all proceedings goes to the family. This will show Mzhobana’s family that he had a family away from home they will allow their children to be musicians simply because of that stance. In this event everyone pays perfumers, soundman, organisers and the fans alike. Supporting this event is securing future and how the E.C music scene is to be viewed.

All my prayers go to the family and everyone close. I hate death and I will never consider it as part of life. Rest in Peace Soldier. We pay our Respects.

Story By Yahkeem Ben Israel
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