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Saturday, September 10, 2011

We are in Spring, Summer is just next door

“Sometimes I wake up and I think I should start wearing a beret, but I don’t do it. One day I’m gonna, though. You bet your ass, I will have a beret on. That’s ridiculous, but it’s true. I always fight with wearing a beret.” Unknown
It’s windy and automatically fits in within your mind that the season of the year is spring. Approaching summer there will be a lot of stress on what to wear, as to bring out your best look. Remember
 this appearance will somehow represent who you are, if you recall nowadays people judge you by what you wear. These ranges from your accessories, (remember wearing clear and formal sunglasses makes you more attractive even when you sneak out for an interview), perfume, body lotion to mention but a few.
After exchanging communication with Glam-Empress Agency it became clear to me on what to look out for while minding the summer fashion trends and that spectacular to die for look. Now, let’s see what did the fashion agency advice for both men and women...

Since women’s month of August ended, I will start with the dudes:
Be the man of your own and follow the fashion way.
Wind-breakers: Remember even if there’s no wind this jacket is very useful during both spring and summer for those hotter and windy days. Bear this in mind it is that time of the where you don’t want to be a walking wardrobe. So don’t get it confused, own your look and be stylish as to look appetising. My advice is, know your size and don’t wear something that will end up wearing you. Glam-Empress advice that guys should look out or rather be associated with minimalist and solid colours; plain basic colours will be making a comeback this spring.
I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU: Lace and transparent fashion on men hasn’t always been politically correct, but for spring it is a trend that every men should embrace [Sexy] statement piece should add to the right look in the right way, too much could be a very bad thing, says Glam. “Bag-Man NOT Man-Bag”, they say a little leather to accelerate the look is always a practical approach. What’s with all the stripes? Asks Empress, so they advice stripes appeared in a lot of collections this season and the brighter they are the better.
Be that women who owns a sexy closet:
Women are always flooded with fashion stress and how to get the most wholesome look that the girl next door will be jealous about. So here what Glam-Empress Agency has to say to you. They say that springs most wearable fashion trends for women and are prettier, flattering styles. Glam says winning major cuteness points in the tricky first impression round by wearing Hip-A-Line shape coat in a bright cheeky colour. Just bear in mind that the wide leg trousers have made a re-return into the fashion scene.   
They told me that the white shirt that is crisp, classic and simple is always in fashion. Full skirts below the knee are always a good trend during spring (Never let the winds blow your skirts up, I mean it isn’t much attractive).  Boho trend, stripes, floral and colour blocking are the trends to look out for in this season (spring). Talks Glam, “Spring is the season for re-invention and to have fun in fashion, to experiment with new looks while staying true to you.
Company Profile: Glam-Empress Agency is all about fashion Styling. Styling models for photo shoots, celebrities for events, wardrobe styling and people who hire our service. It was founded on the 26th July 2011 by Phindi Papiyana and Rudzani Pharamela, so we still fresh in the fashion World. We are creative and very innovative when we putting together an outfit so it can flatter your body you can be fashionable and still be comfortable in what you’re wearing. It’s our responsibility to make people look fashionable and to show their personality and style through clothes. We are up to date with the latest fashion trends, latest fashion events. And share fashion Styling tips on our blog[http//] and also on Facebook ( style both male and female of any age, we are based in Gauteng Witpoortjie and Queenstown/PE...Fashion is a freedom of expression, expressing yourself through clothes and complimenting each outfit with the right shoe/accessories.
They are available the whole week except for Sundays. You may call Phindi at 074 464 3486, or send them an email via
“Stay glam, stylish and fashionable.”
Story by Buchule Raba
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