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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The very best of Ntathe Mgozi: A CPUT student was beaten for being CUTE

Kwaaaaah! Honestly now, I mean for real why? Okay, let Ntathe tell you what he experienced yesterday. LOL! Should I tell you? Boom! Fire Ntathe Fire kwezondawo, Bongolethu "Beekay" Kwedana a Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa) student was beaten for being cute by a guy called Kop Mvelase and his apparently "boss or rather ou baas" Ongi. Now let us see if Beekay is really cute?

The CUTE: Beekay AS Ongiziwe "Boss" Kweyi claims

Wow: LOL Ntathe is blashing now (Not saying a word)

Let us now see the GUYs that hitted on Beekay, apparently Kwedana was alleged that he took two girls from the rival side.

Now: Mvelase Mlungu aka KOP

The main man: Ongeziwe "Boss" Kweyi

Ongeziwe at his Mkhaba best, apparently he dance like a white chick

Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Check me out on Facebook as well)

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