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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Very well crafted of Ntathe Mgozi: Dear Sowetan, will you please stop crafting uneducated headlines

You and your sub-editors deserve to be chased out of the Sowetan newsroom

“With fame I become more and more stupid, which of course is a very common phenomenon.” Albert Einstein. Hopefully the Sowetan doesn’t report to accumulate the status of being famous.

I have been watching you for a quantity of good and bad times, this happens whilst you are busy trying to sell your toilet paper despite the consequences of the ethics that every medium must be standardised upon.

At the outset of all, well I thought I should let slip the fact that you’ve recently made a no-public interest matter a public interest. To be forthright with you: the police and the prison warder’s sex tape and photographs were not a matter of public interest until it appeared on your toilet roll. Nor that I am saying what they did was first-class, but I am tackling the manner in which you went all out about it without considering their families. Looking at the tape you didn’t think of the setup by the male prison warder as he appeared like preparing the recording piece of equipment and called in the female police after!

Secondly as a medium you have the duty to shield children of which you botched completely in the above case. You didn’t fail children in the whole sense because you were I would presume educating them about what happens when one engages in such behaviour at work. But you have failed the children of the involved parties. You’ve intentionally caused trauma to these families, by saying “intentionally” I mean you were very clear about what you were doing from the foundation.

It was very witty, but understandable of your editor who backed you up on Special Assignment without being aware of the garbage that was coming out of his dustbin. Okay now you’ve made history in the South African media and it has been recorded, so my questions are: whose reputation you going to tarnish in order to be sold out again? Does your newspaper have internal ethical guidelines to help mould a better society?  Take time and answer these questions with your head held high!

I know that every medium have bills to pay, but I question the manner in which you do it. After looking at one of your headlines yesterday, “An unborn baby popped out of a pregnant woman’s stomach into a pit toilet as she was relieving herself at the weekend,” I was a bit concerned about whether those are crafted by journalist(s) or just a bunch of dumb individuals who also happen to lack the knowledge to differentiate between a stomach and a womb. Even bloggers are doing much better compared to you.

As much as some people or your target readers like you will not generally know what a “womb” is, I would then argue that “stomach” was used as a term which would be comprehended easily; but still you’re misleading the public. “…Relieving herself at the weekend.” I don’t know whether I am dumb or clever, but is there any place called “The weekend” or rather say during the weekend?

Honestly you need to think of a better way to craft your headlines, because they are misleading and to such an extent appear to be stupid. You need to let go off bad grammar and spelling errors in “some” of your articles, while you have an editor with a held up sky high ego. If we keep on spotting errors in your newspaper, then what is the duty of editors and subs? They deserve to be fired! We cannot afford a garbage bin media! Plus I don’t know how you guys justify such errors as a very experienced medium. But let’s hope everything goes well in future copies, as I will be watching you very closely.

Until Next week Ntathe says spread love…

 Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Check me out on Facebook as well)
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