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Thursday, September 29, 2011

South Africa: A Call to support the Phillippi Township Cricket Club

Chairperson: Mr Mxolisi Marwanqa
On the 24th September, a very vital day in South Africa due to revels of our Inheritance, I was invited to some affair of great magnitude. I took my camera, notebook and look there was I on the road. Here I was, at one of Cape Town’s townships, Phillippi. The local Phillippi Cricket Club was hosting a year end occasion. In my mind I already imagined drums and cultural dance. Even so, I was told they are actually awarding the players who with the assistance of the whole team made the best of the season 2010/2011.

Guests of Honour

Mr Melikhaya Gadeni (Secretary) afforded me with the line-up of the day, as I was browsing through it, I saw the guests of the day; my eye bumped at one of the prominent figures, the Western Province Cricket President Mr Beresford Williams, quoting the Chairperson Williams said, “We can either decide to do nothing or to be successful, powerful and archive our dreams…” He also wished that we can all enjoy a new South Africa with a great constitution. I also met their local sub-council Chairperson Rhonda-Ann Bazier (recently took office), who said she was very jovial to be invited to such an occurrence and she also encouraged unfasten channels of communication between her office and the locals.

From Left: Mr Andile Blaai (MC) and Western Cape Cricket President Mr  Bersford Williams
Mr Andile Blaai who was the Master of Ceremony (MC) gave the boys what I identify as a “Go to school” motivation, here he told them about the worth of education and sport. Now my next move was to meet another big name on the list, the Chairperson of the club Mr Mxolisi Marwanqa.

The Formation of the Club

Here I am now standing with Mr Marwanqa, the man who saw and still sees sport as a necessity especially to black communities. He formed the club way back in year 2001, but only managed to be affiliated by Western Cape Cricket Association. His main objective is to give youngsters an opportunity to play the game of cricket in a professional manner. “In sport you can give the youth the glimpse of where sport comes from…” said Mr Marwanqa. Another main aspect was to contribute to the development of the sporting code as a whole, especially in former disadvantaged areas. Now before we dwell much on the history and challenges of the club, let’s look at the award categories and who managed to snatch what.

The Awards

The first award to be presented by the Chairperson of the club himself was the Chairperson award. It went to a local business man Mr Senzo Gadeni. This is the man who committed his time up to the level the club is currently at today, he did this both transport and financial wise. The next awards to be presented were that of the players of the season, and the under 13 award went to Bonke Ngingi, 15 went to Asenathi Magqaza, 17 went to Mveliso Tatushe and under 19 went to Unathi Bandenzi.

The Team with their local sub-council Chairperson orange top from left second row Rhonda-Ann Bazier
The next categories to be presented were the most disciplined player award which again went to Bandenzi. Following that was the most improved player award received by Masixole Lumko. Kwanele Gadeni received the best bowler of the season category, while best bats man went to Simphiwe Xhego. The last award of the day, Team Player of the Season, a very important category on its very own right went thrice again to Bandenzi. Even those who did not manage to triumph were recognised and motivated to push harder comes the next season.

Challenges of the Club Explained to DA

There are quite a number of challenges that faces the club; their main problem is that of a proper playing ground. They said they have had discussions with a number of City officials. They also went to an extent were they wrote two official letters to Former mayor of Democratic Alliance (DA), Dan Plato and Hellen Zille. These letters highlighted the plight of their club and that of Phillippi of being a forgotten township in the midst of the new dispensation. This came due to their lack of sporting facilities and recreational centres.

Cricket costs escalate year in and out

Cricket is a very expensive sporting code and costs continue to escalate year in and out. This has resulted in them being unable to have the basic training and safety equipment, like your first aid kits etc. Their biggest expenditure is transport costs as they always play their games away due to the lack of a proper home ground or facilities. Judging from their challenges, the main plea is to get their own playing ground, of which I see no problem why the Western Cape Government cannot provide such as it will help decrease the rate of crime in the townships.
Transport Expenditure NOT Enough

The Western Province Cricket in conjunction with the Department of Sport and Recreation, do subsidies them with transport expenditure. But according to the club it is never enough; as it only covers two divisions, which means the rest must come from the executive members of the club. The Phillippi Cricket Club is open to any willing sponsorship. Below is what a potential sponsor can expect from the club and how can one get in contact with them.

I relish and living the matter in your hands…

Here’s what a willing sponsor can look up to:

Aims and Objectives of the Club:

  •          The club shall exist for the benefit of those for whom the game of cricket offers enjoyment and relaxation.
  •          The club shall strive to serve its members and the community by:
  •          Promoting the game of cricket at all levels.
  •          Developing members to be better persons, and players.
  •          Fostering the finest ideals of sportsmanship and team spirit traditionally associated with the game.
  •          Playing a leading role in respecting the rights, dignity, and worth of every person, and treat everyone equally within the context of the sport of cricket, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, political and religious belief, sexuality and social economic conditions.
  • Being committed to everyone right to enjoy their sport in an environment free from threat of intimidation.

Direction in five (5) years:

  •         We want to have our own home ground that remains our number one objective currently, as we are unable to compete against the best teams, because we do not have a home ground, therefore do not meet the WPCA criteria.
  •         We want parents to be more involved in their children lives, therefore assisting in building their future, and giving them all the support. We want to produce more quality players, as we have had numerous players attend the regional nets, and have had one of our players, selected twice, to play at Makhosonke under 13 tournament.
  •         We have sent numerous, first team players for coaching, and umpiring courses, and we would want all of them to possess such qualification, we do this to create economic opportunities for them, and broadening their knowledge of the game, and hope they plough all that back at the team, or in other impoverished township clubs like ourselves. We want to be the best township club administratively.  
  •         We want to be one of the best performing township clubs. We want to grow our membership, to double the current number we have.
Phillippi Cricket Club:

You can contact the club at their office number +27 72 902 3815/ +27 73 667 9069

Story By Buchule Raba "B"
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