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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Editor: A call to give our local artists a Zahara Support

GoXtra News Editor
It is sad that I was born but not obligated to stay in South Africa. This is a country with many things shaping the locals both negative and positive, from racism, sexism, pleasure, entertainment and lack of support towards local artists to mention but a few. But who can proper what is wrong in Mzantsi? Not the current government system, but its citizens. I am writing this note about a recent great incident that took place in the country, targeting the Xhosa speaking people of the Nguni tribe.

I loved the way they supported the recently TS Records exposed artist Zahara Mkutukane. They showed that they (Xhosa) can support their very own; they are the same people who have the power to stumble and kill their artists based in the Eastern Cape. When their talent was exposed by the Johannesburg media they were the first to claim “It’s our artist(s)…” while they never showed their support during the hardships of the artist(s). I mean what’s there to claim if you never showed buttress from the start.

To ascertain that they based their support on the fact that Jozi media exposed her, “some” are already tired of Zahara’s music. One thing I will tell you is that dirty attitude will never allow our artists to flourish as expected. I don’t know whether you miss taking the old saying, “Charity begins at home”, Nevertheless we need to show what I call “Nurturing support” towards our very own talent.

She received what I call a “Brenda Fassie Support”, and that is obvious she with the help of her producer (Sir) Robbie Malinga cooked a bloody emotional and touching album. The album was well received by the “black” market, they all went out and brought the compact disc (CD) of the wonderful delivering, and sure some fools PIRATED it. How do you begin to injure good music by pirating it? That’s very evil of all those who did that.

You will find out that the very same people who kill our local artists are the number ones to go grab an original copy of Beyonce and Jay Z. Why can’t you show appreciation and support to your own local artists? Why can’t you let go of the jealous mentality? I beg to differ, I beg to stand on top of the electric fence and die than to go out and buy overseas products that mean nothing to me, even a half penny to my life and heritage.

I mean we have artists like Maxhoseni whose name tells you about an artists who is committed to hit you with raw and home brewed music; question, do we support him? Well, you can start that by listening to his music, track(s) Xa Ndifile and Ngento Anayo. There’s also Ifani the Xhosa rapper who recently made an international blow up by hit track “Ewe” which means yes.  To give your ears a taste of “Ewe” Click here. You can also get a blast of Umxhosa track “Ndiyabulela” and “Ixilongo lam lokugqibela” at You can also support Dumisani “Dumza” Maswana by listening and getting a download of his great music at

The few artists mentioned above will bloody murder you with their original lyrical content. It’s not only innovative, but home brewed and cooked with South African spices that will show you how humble and bitter the country might be. So this is a call to all of you who shall find this reading to support and buy PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC. Let’s stay together and prioritise home talent.

Finding it difficult to purchase their music? Drop us an email via, and we’ll make it happen for you. 

As for me Buchule Raba I relish and living it in your warm hands…

Story By Buchule Raba "B"
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