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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ntathe Mgozi’s craftsmanship: The most stomach-turning South African Celebrities

How do you make your mind up and say this is the most bloody disgusting or coolest celebrity? Hello and welcome to Ntathe Mgozi’s craftsmanship. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up something to write about, after I did the Sowetan for confusing their readers with stomach and womb (Clearly the editor has a big mouth that can’t work when it comes to editing). Today I present to you the TOP 5 inventory of the most disgusting celebrities in South African. Remember Ntathe doesn’t need a poll to do this, well my dear he’s been in the industry for a while. So let’s see who makes it in the list, of course these are the most stomach-turning celebrities in Mzantsi.

On my number one (1), allow me to grant you Khanyi Mbau the self proclaimed “Queen of kak”. When talking about this woman it putts me off big time, not because she’s all that and that but she just can’t get herself right and one maybe of the opinion that she’s a hooker of some sort. Mbau you’re boring nosisi you need to get a life and stop allowing Kenny Kunene to touch you boobs tjoo sies mani. I don’t even think there’re kids who still see you as a role model, unless they regard you as a garbage model. Get your act right! You such a mascot, if it’s not someone’s husband, well then its worries about your skin…

So what with Kenny Kunene? That’s your number two (2). Tata you’re too damn annoying shame, and being a multimillionaire doesn’t make you cool; after all you know that money didn’t come clean. And wena you don’t respect women, I don’t know whether you see them as products of sex or what. Look here Ntathe doesn’t give a fish about you, plus he will step on your toes at your very own ZAR club in front of your bouncers. I am glad that comedian Loyiso Gola was a nuisance on your case big time plus that stupid reality show of yours. You and the above mascot are better thrown in a garbage can, because ningontsotsi xa nidibene.  

On number three (3) here stands Somizi, bhuti you’re too damn boring and you make me sick. Especially, after you went all cocky with my editor on facebook. I mean you not humble and you’re one of the South African gays that have no respect at all. You’re good at what you are doing career-wise, but you don’t need to take it as if other people can do it like you, after you were so bitter to the contestants of Dance Your Butt Off. I really don’t like your “Funky” stomach-churning attitude. Plus fashion-wise you’re boring and exaggerated; you need to grab a style and stop living in a wine bottle.

Now let’s all welcome Nonhle Thema sitting right at number four (4) with her so animated looks, is there any list that she misses? Allow me to vomit first. Girl you are too good for your damn good. Looking at you now, I constantly ask myself where that stupid attitude of yours took you. Soon if you not watchful you’ll be walking next to your shoes, Ntathe is not a Sangoma bear that in mind but he sure like a toddler can see that you are one hell of a messed up woman who doesn’t respect herself plus her supporters. I remember the “Joke” you made about buying Yfm, what the f**k? How much do you think they worth? Zimbabwean dollars? I think you’re the one who needs to sit down now, your timing is over and soon you’ll be singing, “In my time…” So it’s either you correct your miserable lifestyle and live with everyone without boasting about your “Millions”.

On number five (5) just on top of the hedge is Arthur Mafokate, this self proclaimed “King of Kwaito” is offline, but duh he thinks he still got what it takes to blow it in the music industry. He’s a copy-cat music-wise (Opinion); he can’t bring us his own refreshments without stealing ingredients from existing products. Arthur you need to get a “life” and start thinking about your pension hay’ mani! I don’t even know why Live on SABC 1 gave you an interview, obviously to make a fool out of a fool. Tata I am asking you nicely, please seize departure or stay behind the scenes aseblief tog! Grow up dude and I respect you very much; but hayikhona you’re losing it. Plus you know your music distribution sucks big time.     
Until Next Time stay hooked for the TOP 5 coolest South African Celebrities.

Thank You for reading, now please leave your comments for Ntathe Mgozi below the comment box…

Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Check me out on Facebook as well)
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