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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Editor: One of South Africa’s champion institution Dale College Boy's High School

This superlative discipline is located in King Williams Town Eastern Cape, South Africa. The history of the College dates back in 1861 when it was founded. The reminiscence of the school happens after I picked up the right hand side art on Facebook. The image led me into looking deep at what the school can offer to the affirmative born free generations as to mold them towards self upholding and sports man of tomorrow.

More to the point being known for its academic brilliancy, the school prides itself with a very rich record in the country’s sports-man nurturing and cultural results. They have produced the likes of Makhaya Ntini, Monde Zondeki and Keegan Daniel to mention just a few. 
The current year marked their 150th anniversary revels. Come 2012 they will be hosting the Old Dalian Reunion, dates to be confirmed.

The buildings of the school stand on the highest point of the campus. These are the wholesome facilities that one can look out for:

  • Assembly hall,
  • Gym hall,
  • Library,
  •  Computer room,
  • Well equipped classrooms and,
  •  Science labs,
  •  Swimming pool
  • Four rugby fields
  •  Two cricket pitches and seven nets
  • Athletics track
  • Tennis court
  •  Turf hockey field
  • The hub of all sporting codes

Below Dale prides itself

Makhaya Ntini, South Africas devastating fast bowler is probably the best known Old Dalian of recent times. But he is just one in a long line of Old Dalians who, through the years, have done their Almer Mater proud. In every field of endeavour, be it sport, civics, cultural, commercial or professional, Old Dalians reach for the stars. The latest Old Dalian to make us proud is Jerry Nqolo (class of 2009) who played for the Proteas in the recent U-19 Cricket World Cup in New Zealand. We will be watching Jerry's career progress with great interest.

Story By Buchule Raba "B"
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