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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrities, Public and the meaning of Heritage day

We all have a comical way of giving sight and meaning to the things that we adore or come across in our daily routines (It’s like being squeezed in a train and you start to wonder what is the person behind you doing in your bum, only to find out they’re also in the same situation like you), and that is what makes us stand apart from one another. Sometimes you see yourself as a better person compared to others, but the question is what makes you think that you’re better than others? But when I consulted Realism, she looked at me with pitiful eyes and told me that we are all better in our own unique ways, and it’s just a matter of time to find out how unique you’re. But in all the things that set us apart, one thing that brings us close is nationality and the spirit of Ubuntu that we as South Africans cherish. GoXtra News is an online publication which dedicates itself in promoting unity and respect between private citizens, public icons and culture.

Bear in mind it’s the 9th month of the year, which means amongst other things is the month where we are going to celebrate our Heritage day (24th September). As diverse our cultures are, but still it depends on us what do we make of this wholesome day. The Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Venda and Ndebele to mention but a few, are all going to be celebrating their cultures/heritage; and to a huge extent culture and the beliefs attached to it is what differentiate us from each other.

There’s no culture that is better than the other trust me, I mean all our cultures have tendencies to laugh about (Whether good or bad). Because of these tendencies we tend to enjoy our cultures, as boring or exciting as they are, the fact is that these are our cultures and we need to respect them. So the quest for outstanding heritage celebrations depends greatly on how you value your cultural background. As contemporary the world is becoming, culture as well seems to be fading away and the born free generations are becoming Eurocentric as time allows them.

We genuinely need to contemplate where are we coming from and going future-wise, what makes our heritage? Why do we need to celebrate it? It’s like telling me to constipate when a person lets go of their culture, because it constitutes who you really are (Your roots). As much as we are free to live like whatever way we want to, but we also need to be in check with our genesis. Even the people you consider being your role models DO celebrate their heritage as well. So long ago heritage was respected and valued, so seek yours too.

As of the upcoming Heritage day, we thought of asking some few Celebrities and the public what does this day mean to them. Remember as a rainbow nation this is the day/time that we’re going to stamp a great mark showing the continuing celebrations and appreciation of our heritage as Mzantsi people.  So it is vital for us to cherish this wonderful day as it is/was greatly affected by a number of reasons, which amongst each other included the apartheid government system. As we generally act as if apartheid is or was rather transmissible from parent to child, we honestly do not need to allow it to hinder our nation’s union and the road to prosperity. We need to dispraise our miserable past and let our freedom dash. Boom! Prepare yourselves and let the celebrations begin (Cultural activities, braai and beer it’s all up to you). I relish to this year’s Heritage day celebrations…

Celebrity/Public Views on Heritage Day 

What does Heritage day mean to you?

Ntsiki Mazwai (Writer, singer and Poet)

It is meant to be the day we celebrate our culture and customs, but it ends up being about partying...

Bongani Nxumalo (Musician, radio and television personality)

Culture plays a key role in my life as a Zulu man. It’s easy to forget who we are living in civilization, being a metro-sexual man and a musically inclined cultural man. I remember back in the day in KZN the 24th of September was known and was always celebrated as Shaka Day in commemoration of Inkosi UShaka who is a Legend in our Zulu Culture. A lot of activities would happen that brought back the essence of culture in a growing Zulu boy. So this day should actually not only represent a free Holiday for us to pump up the sound in the boot and braai some meat and drink! But a day where we do a lot of preservation of culture and appreciate the different diverse cultures this country has. People like Shaka Zulu played a significant role in uniting different cultures in our lives in order to create the kind of independence we enjoy today. So Heritage day for me is vital in that I want to bring back those indigenous knowledge systems into our slowly but surely dissipating culture. I also believe the department of arts and culture should help Musicians bring back cultural songs that would entrench the power of song in our culture.

Bongolethu “Beekay” Kwedana (GoTv Channel 1™ Presenter and Ambassador)

Heritage day neh! For a guy who grew up in a mixed community, it’s kind of hard to really say much about this but I’ll give it a shot... okay no... I really don’t know hey. LOL! All I know is that I have ancestors.

Siphosethu Sajini (HR Management student at Unisa)

Well for me Heritage day is more like a reminder of who we are and where we come from in terms of our traditions and heritage...I can say that this day (the 24th September) is very important because each and every second, minute, hour, day, month nor year there are new offspring born and that offspring one day will want to know about their roots. So this is where the 24th September fits in, because on that particular day people are celebrating and showing off their heritage. So this day is a reminder to each and everyone.

Cebo “Umxhosa” Solombela (Xhosa Poet)

Kum Inkcubeko iqulathe imvelaphi okanye ndingathi ‘sikhumbuza Ubuntu bethu. Ikwasikhumbuza kanjaqo ekubeni sibuyele embo. (To me Heritage is composed/consist of where we come from, I can say it reminds us of our humanity. It also reminds us to go back to our ancient times)

Story By Buchule Raba

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