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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best of Ntathe Mgozi: holding a bolster in his ass**** to report in Parliament for farting

Government has called for the interception of Blackberry Messenger (BBM)

While you’re busy singing chants about Journalists getting what they deserve, Ntathe Mgozi is busy thinking about calling all media workers to go on strike. Hehehehe bathong imagine if Ntathe succeeds, then we’ll see who’s going to produce, write, read, and capture news for the South African public domain just for one day (I beg). Wow! As for Ntathe he would really enjoy this magnificent information gathering strike. Imagine your Granny complaining LOL! “Zikuphi ‘zindaba namhlanje…?” (Where is the news today?) Kwaaaaaah! 

Ntathe’s point of standing here is that of the Media Appeals Tribunal aka Silence bill. If our Government makes it an act then journalist will suffer (Ntathe will not be among them, you know he’s a loose mouth), they will be scared to risk their careers by reporting information that the Government deems to be off the public, verses public interest (Remembering the Sowetan now). Why can’t we get information about the people we based our votes for? Leaving you with that question to think about…

When Ntathe was watching news last week Tuesday, he heard something about the Government asking Blackberry® to allow the interception of the encrypted Blackberry Messenger (BBM) LOL Kwaaaaaah! (Maybe the Government recognised that they have good software’s, but they too flooded resulting in weak signal generating strength). This will help or rather grant them access to what we BBM about in case you plan to kill someone LOL! Ntathe doesn’t clearly understand this, I mean where our citizen right to privacy is? Why do our very own Government invade our privacy? If Journalists can’t invade privacy, why should they? I mean for real now! Ntathe sees the emergence of a banana state, lol a Robert “Notshiki” Mugabe state…

This will really amount to our Government asking us to report in parliament for farting as well. Don’t get it twisted like lemon twist please, Ntathe is very well informed my sweetie pies and handsome pies. The only information that Journalists do not need to report is only if it puts the country under terrorists’ risks/attack (That should be reported to the Police) and protect victims in cases of rape etc. Wow! Fire Ntathe Fire… (Holding his fire ball) and preparing for the Mzantsi style, shayi toi-toi.

If you didn’t know there’s somebody they call press ombudsman which is there to settle media disputes without even going to court by providing remedy to injured parties. There are also pressure groups that the media accounts to, like the Human Rights Commission. So what do we need the Media Appeals Tribunal for? Is it really going to serve the public or the, you know big machine guns like Julius Malema etc?
They should just strengthen the existing bodies and let the media be just that a FREE PRESS. I mean we are living in a democratic state, a decade which gave birth to a number of years too.

Until Next Week!

Ntathe Mgozi is holding a bolster in his ass**** to reach parliament before farting…

Story By Ntathe Mgozi (Check me out on Facebook as well)

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