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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blame It On Fame: puts an innovative spin on local television

The tweens are no strangers to Mzantsi as they are quite popular for their show on one of SA's leading youth stations YFM. They were also the hosts of SABC 1’s flagship entertainment show  Mzansi Insider, providing its viewers with the best of the entertainment industry. Hlelo and Ntando have gone one step higher by having their own reality show I choose to call (Keeping up with the Twins Lol) but it is Blame It on Fame. puts an innovative spin on local television to give viewers the ins-and-outs of celebrity life with the launch of a blazing hot new reality series, Blame It on Fame, which splashes onto screens on Monday evenings from 5 September at 8:30PM.

The spotlight sparkles on the effervescent and lovable YFM Twins, Hlelo and Ntando Masina. Their bubbly voices are heard on radio, they are seen all over the small screen and it seems as if these fabulous ladies are on the social scene, 24/7. Finally viewers get to see what life in Mzantsis fab lane is like with Blame It On Fame. The show goes behind the scenes with the Twins as they high-heel their way through everyday life and mingle with Mzansis rich and famous.

Produced by Rapid Blue, the 13part reality series is the first locally produced show of its kind and promises to give South Africa more glitz and glam than a sushi and champagne party and some startling revelations that not even a search engine could provide.

Here is what viewers can expect on the first episode of Blame It On Fame

In the first episode, the Twinz attend a braai at their family home in Benoni with the entire Masina family. Naked DJ has brought his decks, all the children are dancing, the women are in the kitchen preparing food and nattering away, while the men are outside tending to the braai. The Twinz sister-in-law Bulelwa blurts out something during lunch that sparks a heated debate among the family and Mrs Masina is unhappy.

Meanwhile, the Twinz visit a tattoo parlour, but one of them is apprehensive and questions whether she should go through with the tattoo.

While at work, in the YFM studio, Hlelo learns that Ntando set her up on a blind date, but does not know what to make of Mr Unknown after hearing his name only time will tell

Dont miss the exciting first season of Blame It on Fame on 5 September at 8:30, exclusively on

Source: <a href="">etv</a>

Story by Rodney Witbooi/ leave your comments for him below the comment box.

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