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Friday, August 26, 2011

Do our local artists need to act like the Sowetan to be sold out?

"I support legitimate music." Vuyo Mbuli
The South African entertainment industry has grown from its roots to being Euro-centric, well understood. My question though, why can’t some of our local artist(s) keep it original? Doesn't Mzantsi style sell in the international arena? Bull! We need to support our local artists (So that they don’t try to be Chris Browns and Nicki Mina-jeez), and stop sleeping and waking up with abroad music; remember crowd it starts at home. We need to be behind them to such an extent that they cook their lyrical content with rich and tasteful ingredients (Like the latest of Ifani “Ewe” LOL!).

Living you to contemplate the above, nor that our local musicians are composing bad or rather floppy music; it’s just that we as locals are too proud to show compassion to each other’s work. With the stereotypes and perceptions we have in our artists, honestly they will never be compatible with international musicians. We are simply too conceited for our own development! Mzantsi let us not compress our entertainers. (The sentence you just read goes as far as to telling the record labels to stop exploiting local talent)

The question remains though, why are we generally dubious when it comes to putting money in our local talent? Geez we need to let go of dubiety. For example you’ll find out that Beyonce (album) sells for R150.00 or so, and Camagwini (album) sells for R99.00; we’ll opt for the R150.00 and Pirate the R99.00. Why? Is it because we don’t want to see one of us succeed? I mean for real now, are we dumb-headed? Dunno for real what’s up with you, whatever! I am not saying pirate any music for that matter whether local or not. Moving right along…   

What makes us lose the focus on our own musicians? Is it because they are down to earth like us? Is it because they’re the most approachable celebrities? Do we need them to be cocky and hire bodyguards to surround them? Honestly our icons are so easy to get along with, and you’ll often find yourself drinking with them in that local Mamzo’z spot you chill at. In Mzantsi your dream to shake hands with Thandiswa Mazwai is hundred percent (100%) possible, compared to your dream of shaking hands with Nicki Minaj.

The solution is to elevate our local artists, and stop embezzlement by pirating their music. We all know PIRATING music is a serious crime, and it’s so pathetic to continue doing an error to someone’s talent and career. Therefore, I encourage all of you out there to pledge your support financially by supporting local artists and to a larger extent make sure that you flood their gigs.  I am certain that what I’ve just recollect above is not equivocal, but equivalent to what you already know. Their music doesn’t need to be like the Sowetan newspaper to be sold out. Do they need to argue that their music is in public interest? LOL! Very funny of the Sowetan exposing private citizens like that because of their duty and uniform. Shutting the door right at your face; living you with something to think about...

Speak Out:
"Don't Suck, buy your own." David Fourie

For More about music PIRACY click here

"Support local music legally." Prokid

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