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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Talk with Maxhoseni the rapper

Speaking about Maxhoseni the name on its own suggests a young man who’s happily preserving their Nguni language (Xhosa). Bongile Pateni was born September 23, 1989 (Cofimvaba) Eastern Cape. At the age of twelve (12) he moved to the Mother City. He grew up listening to the likes of Brenda Fassie (late)...

Through his music this rapper sounds very strong, brave and courageous. I asked Maxhoseni a bit about his father’s death, looking more at how did he feel about it; he then told me that “At first it was not easy at all, but I had to accept the situation because my Mother was there to give support by playing both parenting roles.” He also told me that he believes in God because without him he wouldn’t be where he is in life. Let’s now talk with him…

Maxhoseni Talks

How do you see a winning day?
You can’t see a winning day but you can feel it.
You just know when it’s your day.

Are you single? If no, who’s the lucky lady?
Yeah I’m single; this relationship thing isn't for me.

When was the first time you had your first kiss?
I can’t remember clearly but I think it was 2006 because ndiyeke ngoku sendimdala
Ukoyika amatsheri (I recently became cool with girls at a later stage).

What is your favourite television series? Can be a musical show
Live on SABC 1 but I don’t like watching TV. I spend most of the time reading books or listening to radio.

What would you advice your woman to wear at night?
 I would advise her to be naked because I also sleep naked even when I’m alone.

What’s your clan name? (Zithuthe)
Madiba yem-yem sopitsho ngqolomsila, uvela bembhentsele uzondwa ziintshaba zingaz’umenza nto; ngamaCube ke lawo.

Musical View

How did you feel when you released your first solo project?
I was very much excited, because there was a great demand of the album from fans after they heard my first single “Honey”.

Which artists would you like to work with?
Thandiswa Mazwai, Ivy League, Relo (Skwatta Kamp 1st Lady), including Teargas.
What changes would you like to see in SA Hip Hop music? Good rappers to get recognition, enough airplay on Radio and Television coverage. Also for MC’s to be smart enough to work closely and together for positive growth and development rather than teasing each other negatively.

“Ikhoboka Lenyaniso” Released 

Maxhoseni released his Mixtape “Ikhoboka Lenyaniso” (Slave of the truth) in 2008 June. This Mixtape brought dope joints like “Iz’tyholo” (Accusations), “Iitshomi” (Friends), and his classic joint which is “Honey” was already number one undisputed for a record of three months. Working together with KasiMore productions made this project a possibility.
“Ikhoboka Lenyaniso Reloaded”

With his talent and flair there is no reason to miss his music. March this year “Ikhoboka Lenyaniso Reloaded” was released and it’s available via digital downloads at  

By Buchule Raba   

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