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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kruna: Imagine having all kinds of lifestyles in one

A very bright view with Thabang Zwane, better known by his stage name Kruna. After I've interviewed this multi talented I've discovered that personal strength is a motivation to wake up every morning and do a good service to the world. 

Q How do you see a winning day?
 It must have begun with prayer for strength and wisdom in life's challenges and choices made. When everything falls into place... That's a good day

Q How many brothers and sisters do you have?
 Ngingu zinyobulala, translated in English for "an only child"... On my mom's side, that is. Lol

Q How is it like to grow up in Thokoza for a person who’s never been there?
Imagine having all kinds of lifestyles in one. You'd have a double story house, next door neighbour: a big house, front opposite: a four room house and a Shack back opposite, lol... Just like any township it has its advantages and disadvantages "depending what mindset you're on"... I love my kasi either way :)

Q What is the worst moment in your music career?
Not being granted an opportunity to showcase talent, this can be very frustrating... especially when you've got what it takes

Q Describe the happiest moment of your career?
When I got a call saying I was nominated for the Metro Awards, when "Gijima Mfana" from my album "Khula" was released overseas or having inspired someone positively through my music.
Q Besides music, do you study anything else?

Q How do you feel about the country’s Afro Soul music genre? (Developments and failures)
I see a lot of development, with ladies like Thandiswa,Zonke,Simphiwe,Zama,Lira,Maleh and you'll soon be introduced to Nozipho. I think their all doing a great job.

Who are your influences?
 Bra Caiphus Semenya,late mam' Busi Mhlongo, late bra Jabu Khanyile,R. Kelly,Stevey Wonder and late Michael Jackson. Any good and well written song, influences my next composition.

Q Are you doing any charity work? If yes, how and where?
Yes, usually when I'm requested to and if it's for a good cause. The last event I took part in was helping build a house for orphans... Charity begins where you are.

Q You are everything in the music industry; tell me more about this talent existence?
 I'm an author,composer, vocalist and performer. All self taught and doing music from my heart... No actually I'm lying,lol, its my mother that taught me how to sing when I was young :)

Q Who is your role model (s)?
Anyone who makes the best out of worst and the closest example is my mother. :)

Q Your last project was khula (grow), how did this go? (sales and awards)

AKhula got me a lot of radio airplay coverage, with three singles from the album topping the charts, a Metro nominee, but I fill it got released at a wrong time where the world was caught up in a credit crunch dilemma.

Tell me what can your supporters expect (current project), and who are you working with in this project? (any as long it is music)

From "Khula", I became a father to a most handsome son "Uthingo". So they should expect maturity, with a bit of funk/soulful influence, from mid- to current up-tempo, keeping it african still. Already have a new single from my upcoming self titled album "Kancane Kancane feat. NoZipho" topping various radio stations charts, eg. Kaya fm's top 40... I'm grateful :). Another exciting feature I have, Is of my mother on a Gospel song as thanks giving to both God
 Almighty and Her :)

Q How soon can we get this project?
Mid August or early September.

Q What is your motto in life?
Dream and get up and do something. Have something to stand for, so you don't just fall for anything... And God Rules Me!

Finally, what does afro soul mean to you?
Afro - represents identity "African"
        Soul - music from my heart

By: Buchule Raba

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