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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Does Marco Grassini really Knows Dj Euphonik

I am a twitter fan; I just let a few minutes pass by and check my time line to see what’s new. Most importantly to see what our local celebrities are getting up to. If it’s not Bonang Matheba or L-Tido dominating my timeline, then it’s DJ Euphonik (Themba Nkosi).He spends most of his time on the site responding to what his fans tweet him and of course making us think of him as a “humble” man. Don’t get me wrong, at least I’m not the one saying he’s not what he seems to be from the outside.

Generally all his followers would nod with me if I’d mention what we were seeing on our timelines on July 5th around 22:00pm, and that’s if I’m not mistaken or shaken by his rather egocentric attitude. On this day Euphonic had what seemed to be an argument with one (1) of his followers that he calls a “loser”, whose name is Marco Grassini.To me, Marco seemed to know a lot more than we thought, of course we had to call him names since he ‘hated’on our famous disc jockey. Besides that I couldn't help being curious therefore I decided to have a chat with Marco Grassini and find out from him how he knows Euphonik.

Grassini is originally from Italy/Rome; his dad is Italian and mother Spanish. When I asked him his reasons of being in the country whether they were for a good cause or hate on our local celebrities. He then told that he came here to study (He’s completing his LLB degree).

He owns Genesia entertainment which organises gigs, parties, sound hire just to mention but a few. He also happens to work alongside many companies in the entertainment industry. He and Euphonic have been working together since 2006 under SAB Company and that’s where he has been organising gigs for Euphonic around the country. Apparently they’d been working well together for the past four (4) years. He also mentioned Brandhouse and private gigs.

He also admitted that they never met facially. He claims that his job is not getting to know the people he works with, but it’s for making sure that their works and talents are well showcased in the respected fields, it’s a massive pity how their relationship had to end on twitter that night.It all started when he tweeted a tweet directed to Euphonik telling him that’s he’s un-followed 40 people that were not following him back, so by tweeting that he wanted to know what makes Euphonik different. The Disc Jockey responded, “Dude dd I ask u to follow me (sic)?” and the rest is history. What I do recall though is that the argument ended up with our Dj using the “Fuck” word.

What I didn't and still don’t understand is why Euphonic had to bother himself responding to a “random” person? Yes, he’s excuse was that he responds to all the tweets either good or bad; anyway something tells me otherwise as some of his followers tweeted asking why he never responded to their tweets.

“He thinks his big now that he is on 5fm with Dj Fresh yet I have a friend who has Fresh out at the Ftv Brooklyn PTA on Thursday, yet Fresh is such a humble soul” Marco fumed. When I asked him how he felt now that he’s no longer organising gigs for Euphonic, his response was rather simple and straight to the point, “I don’t care, I’m tired of these so-called SA celebs thinking that they are better than others”, he continued, “I just want them to stay humble and know they should never mistreat someone because they never know who they may know, or how much power they hold in this industry.”

Marco is the owner to the above company (He claims)

“Genesia is a entertainment company with a big Reputation and a huge following in South Africa. Our objective is creating the best entertainment awareness through various events for all of our clients. We are constantly growing in popularity with a reputation of celebrating world class entertainment in South Africa.” 
Unfortunately Euphonic didn’t respond to these allegations. I left him several messages to confirm his side of the story…

On Twitter (a recollection)
Marco tweets dj @Euphonik

By Helen Zondi email: Leave your comments below or email

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