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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FutureSound: The music industry is more about what you can sell

Album Cover

Future Sound came together as a group just about three (3) years ago. The motive behind forming a group is to give the world a chance to hear music the way they hear it in their heads. As any other musical group they also face challenges, so far their challenge was bringing together four (4) brilliant minds from different backgrounds and up bringing to achieve one common goal. We only get it right via our common denominator; which in their case is God. Their advice to any other group growing or existing is “Being in a group is like being in a marriage it's not all about you. So have a selfless attitude.”

Being curious I asked who Future Sound is individually. And the response was rather a surprise to me; maybe to your surprise as well they are Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

Earth being Genesis aka The General:
- Cause his the guy that keeps everyone grounded. Go to guy with the words of wisdom. Not forgetting his ability to hear organic melodies and put 'em down in studio with digital sounds & beats that will keep your feet tapping.

 Water being Rev aka RockstaR:

- Rev better known as RockstaR Rev is the guy who like water keeps things flowing on & off the mic. He is the technical guy in the group. He’s also a bit of an extremist.

 Wind being Steve aka the Wonder: 

- Steve is the white boy who likes wind, he will blow you away with the amount of soul that he has and the things he can do in the studio. Also the ladies have a soft spot for him. Simply put he’s a wonder.

 Fire being Siba aka Mr Siba:

- Siba always is ready to work in & out of the studio and like a bush fire it takes a lot for him to burn out. He also has a wealth of knowledge that is clearly evident in his song writing abilities. 

They say, together they give life to the band FutureSound and hence they need each other for the bands existence. As a group they are four (4) young men who want to challenge peoples’ way of thinking through the influence of their music. The name (FutureSound) came up through Genesis and made sense when compared to how their music sounded.

 When I asked them how does it feels like to be an internationally recognised group, they said, “It's difficult in that although people love what we do & give us an international acclaim, radio stations, promoters, rec labels & management teams don't seem to know how to sell us. Hence we doing things on our own, making mistakes & learning on the go.”

I wanted to know what they are saying to the future of the music, asking that was just trying to comprehend more about the name of the group hence it is associated with the word “Future”. “We saying that you can always count on FutureSound to bring you a new kind of music that will inspire, challenge and make you dance.” They uttered. Their motto as a group is to introduce as many people as they can to God. And they are role modeled by Jesus Christ.

I asked them if there are any projects that they are doing currently (music-wise). And they told me that there are lots of exciting things coming up, and they can’t really say much now; but to keep you updated follow them on twitter @FutureSoundLife. Talking about projects they say that they are involved with charities, but they still maintain that the best way everyone can make a difference is to help change the life of that one (1) person in the best way you can. Basically one should go the extra mile.

Their advice to any person who wants to get in the music industry is, “The music industry is more about what you can sell and not how talented you are. So find a profession linked to music somehow that will give you a regular income and do the actual music as a hobby. Cause truth is it's hard to just survive in this industry.” I also enquired what makes them stand out as a group, and they say, “Our music... amongst other things hehehehehe!!!”

Their music is incorporated using their different personalities, which is Earth (Genesis), Water (Rev), Wind (Steve) and Fire (Siba). They have no album in stores yet, besides that they do have an album ready and this is a must get. To get yourself hooked with their album you can tweet them @FutureSoundLife, alternatively send an email to,

By Buchule Raba


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