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Friday, October 21, 2022

After Failing Grade 10 Four Times, Iscathulo_SA Founder Rudzani Maelekano Is Set For Greener Pastures!

Rudzani CEO & Founder of Iscathulo_SA
After repeating grade 10 four times, the founder of the Iscathulo_SA footwear brand, Rudzani Maelekano is set for greener pastures! 

  • Lack of access to funding.
  • Growth prospects in the next 3 years. 
  • Three tips for entrepreneurs.
  • New school shoes for pupils.

Rudzani claims that after a decade of failures, he is finally able to relate to the phrase "Black Child Never Give Up."

"If you are in this situation that I've been through, don't worry. You are not a failure. God is preparing something good for you. Get up every day and try like you never failed," says the budding entrepreneur.

After so many failed attempts (at different careers) in the past decade, Rudzani has finally got his mojo in selling hand-crafted leather shoes, Iscathulo, including bags and belts.

"Manufacturing shoes, and being my own boss was the best idea, I’m now living my best life," says Rudzani.


The above ankle boot (beige) with nubuck sole is available for R850,00 when you visit the Iscathulo_SA store in Newtown Junction, Johannesburg, South Africa – or R950,00 when they courier it to you nationwide. Shop your desire at

Iscathulo_SA Opens Its Flagship Store In Newtown

Rudzani now has his flagship store in the heart of Johannesburg's Newtown Junction and has created job opportunities for young South Africans.

"Iscathulo_SA is a unisex footwear business that provides unique style and comfort to the public… It’s very computable with other outfits."

The Iscathulo_SA footwear brand was established with a bootstrapped budget as a hobby in March 2020 after he lost his two-year job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When it comes to its vision, Iscathulo SA believes they are creating a unique product that allows you to style your looks based on your personality, topped with a mission to provide customers with comfortable, high-quality shoes suitable for everyday use.

Growth Prospects For The Next 3-Years

Rudzani says that for the past two years, they've seen considerable growth in the business and there's a lot to look forward to.

"I see Iscathulo as being one of the most successful companies locally, having more stores across the country.

"I envision great success prospects that will lead us in the direction of having our own big manufacturing factory that will create more job opportunities for young people," he says.

The brand has also announced that in 2023 it'll be making high-quality school shoes (pictured below) for pupils.


"We are more than prepared to meet the needs of schools. We will begin producing school shoes for them in 2023, with a 5-year guarantee and free repair for our schoolchildren," Rudzani explains.

However, Rudzani claims that access to funds has been one of his challenges, making it nearly impossible to meet all of his requirements, including the expected growth in his venture.

Rudzani has mastered the art of shoemaking and refuses to stop being creative because he believes it is a God-given talent bestowed upon him.

How To Order Your Own Iscathulo (shoe)?

Online store | | Via WhatsApp | +27 (0) 76 491 1138 | Facebook | Twitter | For any business related queries click [HERE].

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