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Sunday, October 10, 2021

DJ Maphorisa Calls Shimza Out!

After boasting about an upcoming hit, DJ Maphorisa has questioned Shimza about working alone and told him to allow ghost producers to shine too!

"Why you always make music alone? No young and upcoming-nyana. Every time it's Shimza alone. Grow this Afro movement, uplift young talent bro please that's why they end up hating us cause you close doors," said DJ Maphorisa. 

This brawl started when Shimza said:"Got some heat coming soon. Shimza - Sold Out..." 

"Don't tell me you made that beat alone, sorry but I had to take out my chest in front of everyone. Love you mfanaka but I can't," said DJ Maphorisa.

Shimza responded by saying that he started Kunye Records to cater for what Maphorisa has highlighted to him. 

"That's why my label Kunye Records is for Phori, that's why I started the label and that's why we now have an event called KUNYE that showcases the music and streams the sets online so that people can put the face to the names bro. We all work differently bro. Love you too," explained Shimza. 

Maphorisa didn't take his explanation at face value. 

"You know what I am talking about ghost producers that you give once off fees that thing must stop and give credit to them on your songs. Let them shine. Now that would grow our movement. I am a producer I know how it feels to be left out. Please change the game, make an EP with all of them. Get them gigs to grow this shit," said DJ Maphorisa. 

Shimza further explained:"But that's exactly what we are doing Phori! We are releasing ep's from them through my label, we doing events with them and we keep asking for music from them to release the music, the label is only under a year old and we've already released guys that need to push both locally and internationally. 

"Blanka Mazimela and Siphe Tebeka have Ep's out under the label and we are releasing more people and putting them on the KUNYE streams. Thandi Draai, Desiree, Atmos Blaq and others. We are still are to put more, it's happening, maybe not as quick as you want it but it's coming. I had to take a stand and create something for that same reason. I'm just not too vocal about it. We are growing and we going to keep pushing one day at a time," said Shimza. 


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