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Saturday, May 16, 2020

THREAD: Mentoring Young Boys Needs to SHAPE with some urgency!


So as I was chilling today (Saturday) minding my own business, I thought why not be casual and start a talk about mentoring young boys. Yes, some of us have cheered these boys when doing kak a lot! This needs to stop. See the point(s) I've made via Twitter @BuchuleB below:

1. If young boys are off ramping and adding to things that will kill them and the nation like GBV, well, we need to seriously intervene with help. Let's not make such issues trend without giving lessons and mentoring these boys. They're arrogant due to the fact that SM pushes ego-!

2. Let's be more about teaching and correcting more than we are exposing and embarrassing them. Social Media can push anyone to the edge - we must avoid people committing suicide due to our hunger for clout! This behavior does not fix our nation.

3. We need to let go of saying "Uyafana noBaba wakhe" when they're doing something wrong. Ukunya akufuzwa my people! We can talk if it's something worth celebrating. Let's not laugh at our own because the world will not come to our rescue!

4. It's up to us not only to shift the narrative but change it for the betterment and livelihood of TOMORROW! YOU don't expose a cow when it's running for the plantation you stop it and direct it to the greener grass! #MentorYoungBoys.

5. #MentorYoungBoys it's time we become adults about issues that will give us #MenAreTrash and teach young boys the right way to treat and appreciate young girls. We can't always see women as sex toys!

6. #MENTORYOUNGBOYS is actually very easy if we focus our energies with the right behaviors these young boys can level up to. If we are exposing bad behavior to them in terms of how we sickly devalue and strip women naked we are adding poison to these young leaders!

7. We are saying they must do as they please. Because we no longer give a damn - we are saying the parents at home must take responsibility. Where's uBuntu? Let's parent for each other to help grow a nation with fewer cases of GBV!

8. It's so sickening to see folks jumping up and down like frogs laughing at bad behaviour as if it pays their bills! Let's learn to be embarrassed as adults! Hayibo my people!

9. I've seen so many of YOU boosting your low self-esteem by laughing at things you shouldn't be laughing at. Make someone else's kid yours too. Worry less about their disrespect just pass the lesson and move on.

10. Don't be lazy! DON'T seek a podium for nonsense! It takes one person to get the message across. Let's set a good agenda and these young boys won't mess it up if they see it's from a good place. #MENTORYOUNGBOYS

My email is | I am also the Editor in Chief for - you can read some of my opinion pieces [HERE].

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