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Monday, September 17, 2018

Africa Meets Asia in Spectacular Fashion Fusion

Sandton, Johannesburg -  East meets Africa in a thrilling fashion and cultural fusion at African Fashion International (AFI) Joburg Fashion Week 2018. This #AfroAsia themed event runs from 4 to 6 October 2018 at Melrose Arch, before closing with two spectacular final shows at iconic Johannesburg landmarks on 7 October.

AFI Joburg Fashion Week 2018 will showcase the best of African fashion with a sprinkle of Asian flavour. Slated to show alongside fashion design stars from across our continent, including Nigeria’s Deola Sagoe and Clan, are ranges from renowned South African designers such as David Tlale, Laduma and Gavin Rajah who will create a glorious fashion melting-pot with Asian designers from Japan, Cambodia and China.  

To enhance designers’ exposure on international fashion platforms and industries, AFI has forged a partnership with Tokyo Fashion Week. Through this, a designer showing at AFI Joburg Fashion Week 2018 will receive an opportunity and potentially career-changing prize. One selected designer will be assisted to show at the next Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan.

“We believe this is the best way to give our local talent opportunities to spread their wings, and showcase internationally the incredible skills and exciting creativity that drives African fashion,” says Dr Moloi-Motsepe.

South Africa was recently named Africa’s most innovative country and Japan takes the lead in Asia, particularly in technology terms, Dr Moloi-Motsepe notes. Africa and Asia are both celebrated for promoting local authenticity while achieving covetable global style. This could lead to inspiring fashion and business partnerships.

“AFI Joburg Fashion Week 2018 is a platform for our best and most adventurous designers to showcase their work. It is also an opportunity to collaborate, and to exchange ideas and knowledge with their peers, intersecting Africa with Asia,” Dr Moloi-Motsepe adds. “We are particularly excited at the prospect of different takes on street style, for example. This is one of the hottest fashion trends globally and African fashionistas love to bring their own flair into how they wear their brands and celebrate Africa’s design heritage, especially its fabrics. We are sure this will offer an inspiring new ingredient that will bring a fresh edge to African fashion, and can prompt a thrilling Afro-Asian fashion fusion.”

During AFI Joburg Fashion Week some of the top designers in our line-up will be leading the industry-oriented AFI Masterclass, aimed at capacity building, skills and knowledge transfer as well as enabling the development of commercially sustainable African luxury fashion. Fashion Week attendees will have an opportunity to shop the ramp at the Designer Boutique and be the first to own the latest designer collections. “For more than a decade AFI has facilitated exposure for African design talents on world-class platforms, assisting them to attract and conquer local markets and receive international exposure by focusing on the business of fashion,” says founder and CEO Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe.

To catch all the developments and the build up towards Joburg Fashion Week, follow our social media platforms and our website [HERE]

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