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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

DStv to launch Africa's first live TV shopping channel

JOHANNESBURG: TV Mall will launch on DStv 173 on 1 June 2018, where presenters and product experts will provide information and education on a wide range of shopping choices from fashion to furniture, technology to toys, and food to fitness. 
Channel 24 reports that TV Mall is a 24-hour a day channel which will initially broadcast live for 6 hours a day. These hours will be from Monday to Friday, 06:00-08:00, 12:00-14:00 and 20:30- 22:30. On Saturday and Sunday, it will broadcast live from 06:00 to 00:00. Outside of these times, repeats and promos will play.

Nicky Fitz, CEO of TV Mall says: “In a vibrant digital and retail market place, we provide our viewers with informative and honest presentations so that they can make an informed shopping decision. We are empowering our viewers with access to the world of shopping at their fingertips. DStv puts our mall into living rooms across South Africa and enables us to introduce a higher standard of information, fair-value and customer service. We strive to exceed expectations and to be a safe, easy and fun experience.”

In the age of digitisation, just about everything has gone online and shopping is certainly no exception. TV Mall promises to entertain DStv customers, while educating them on product innovation. Today’s customer is stressed and poorly informed - TV Mall strives to be convenient, authentic and fun to watch. 
TV Mall is a new concept for South Africa. Every product has a story and DStv enables the channel to demonstrate the product and place it in the lives of viewers. The presenters are informative, friendly and dedicated to provide accurate and a pleasant, soft-selling approach. The channel provides a platform that gives entrepreneurs and innovators the chance to showcase their products to a wider audience. TV Mall will also work with regional commerce departments to expand exposure and increase trade. 
While home shopping channels have been filling screens since the 1980’s internationally, online shopping has greatly enriched the home shopping experience. TV Mall will offer customers the option to make purchases online, on a mobile app or through a call centre 24-hours a day. 
With its South African flavour, TV Mall will excite, educate and entertain, providing the perfect occasion to enjoy shopping anytime and anywhere. It really is a 360 degree shopping experience at your fingertip.
TV Mall will be available to DStv customers on Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access and EasyView.
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