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Monday, May 8, 2017

'ZAHARA Dumped Us At Her Home While She Got Drunk', Allegedly

East London Acting workshop got so close to becoming  a "mess" after popular singer Zahara failed to pitch and deliver on her promises.

According to the actors the singer checked them in her parent's back rooms (in Phumlani Village instead of a hotel.

Some of the industry's biggest names, including Matatiele's Thobani Mseleni, Rhythm City's Sphamandla Dhludhlu, Keeping Score's Unathi Platyi and veteran actor Vusi Thanda (known as Tshawe in eMzini Wezintsizwa) were all left struggling for transport and they had to make alternative arrangments as some of them were due to be on set back in Johannesburg.

"She accommodated us at her parents' home in the back rooms. We had to share beds but her family was so welcoming. She didn't give us food, we had to make means for lunch and supper,," said another actor in request of anonymity. 

The actors alleged that Zahara was given R50 000 (as allegedly confessed by Zahara's manager and self acclaimed businessman Oyama Dyosiba) to book flights, accommodate and feed them.

"She got us a taxi instead of flying us down to Eastern Cape. She has no respect even for Bab' uVusi Thanda at that age," said one of the actors.

It is also alleged that Zahara assigned 5 people who work under the Zahara Army Movement and they were all drunk.

"The entire team she hired was drunk (allegedly) all the time. They did nothing other than drink and party the entire weekend. They did not even wash and arrived at the even smelling alcohol, wearing last nights' clothes. The driver was refusing to give us our bags because he was not paid. We came back without even a R1.00" said a source close to the situation.

The fuming actors allege that Zahara used their concept to solicit money and never delivered on her promises.

1. Zahara didn't pitch,
2. She did not give sound, refreshments, video, photographer as promised,
3. She refused to pay for transport to return to Joburg,
4. Promised to pay Vusi Thanda but Dololo,
5. When they told her they were starving she told them to go eat at her home,

It is also alleged that Zahara kept on calling and swearing at everyone while she was allegedly "drunk".

The actors said that their workshop went well regardless of Zahara's intention to make it a "flop".

The workshop was meant to empower and mould aspiring actors from the Eastern Cape province.

"The kids and aspiring actors who attended the workshop were all happy and expecting Zahara, but she decided to let everyone down," said one of the actors.

Zahara who did not take our calls on Monday, had this to say on her Instagram, "Thank you to the Zahara Army for the success of the Acting Workshop, you guys carried it as if yeyenu (it was yours), but I feel like me and my family sibulelwa (thanked) ngesikhohlela (mucus) after I did everything from my own pocket when other people failed for their own thing," updated Zahara.

Another independent source close to Zahara claimed that the singer paid for pupil from her Village to attend the workshop.

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