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Monday, May 29, 2017

Tina Jaxa brings drama to Rhythm City

South Africa's veteran actress Tina Jaxa will be making her debut on Rhythm City on Friday 2 June 2017 as Andiswa, a small-time criminal and fraudster, and a blast from Genaro’s past. 

When we meet Andiswa, she is in jail for selling stolen goods. She confides in another inmate, Flavia, telling her a secret that she has never even told her daughter, Pearl. 

Flavia uses this information in her quest for revenge against David for his multiple betrayals of her. When Andiswa is released, she has to cope with Pearl’s anger and resentment and must battle to regain her trust. 

It also emerges that Andiswa stole a stash of coke from David before she fled his life – a major reason behind keeping Pearl in the dark.

Let's get to know the character more.

Andiswa was a party girl in her twenties; gorgeous and fun, moving from one rich partner to the next; enjoying being a kept woman. She fell pregnant and decided not to terminate, but being a mother made her chosen lifestyle more and more difficult. 

Ashe she’s aged, circumstances have become more challenging, but she’s put on a brave face and rolled with the punches. She makes a living in whatever way she can, pulling off cons now and then (sometimes with the help of her daughter) and selling stolen goods. She has had a few short stints in jail. She takes good care of herself, is full of spunk and fight, always looking for a way to advance herself and is a fiercely loyal mother.

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