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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Somizi's Comments About Zahara not scripted? A humongous Lie by RiSA!

It's sad that we cannot request the scripts from Recording Industry of SA because when Somizi made that distateful "joke" about the open bar, Zahara's name was on the autocue - it is a lie for RiSA to say those comments were not scripted - what was her name doing on autocue?

I really don't understand why would RiSA CEO Nhlanhla Sibisi would say Somizi's comments were made "off the cuff" while her name appeared on autocue? Like seriously?

Can we admit that it's a joke gone wrong and move on?

Zahara should sue Somizi and the SAMAS for defamation of character - why a joke associated with alcohol being has her name at the end of that autocue... Even Somizi took a pause before he said her name and that's how it was scripted!

This follows reports that Singer Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana was not impressed with Somizi Mhlongo’s jokes about her at the South African Music Awards (Samas) on Saturday.

The Citizen reported that the Country Girl hit maker was not in attendance, but she said upon her arrival from Swaziland, friends told her what Somizi had said about her, and now she is fuming.

Somizi, who made jokes about everyone, including his friend Khanyi Mbau and Babes Wodumo, told the audience Zahara was probably in attendance, as there was a free bar. He was referring to the rumours last year that Zahara was struggling with alcohol, with some reports claiming she had checked in to rehab.
I challenge RiSA to provide all the footage, scripts, photos of the whole event including behind the scenes and those that shows their autocue to see if those comments were not scripted. 
In fact Zahara should sue Somizi, RiSA (SAMA) and the SABC for defamation of character.
Here are their responsibilities:
Somizi accepted the script as a presenter,
RiSA planned the scripts accordingly
And the SABC broadcasted such defamatory statements...
By Mqalo Mqalo
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