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Monday, May 8, 2017

K'Naomi Scoops A Maybelline Deal

Many firsts for media personality, model, presenter and all around beauty girl that is Keitumiest Naomi Noinayane also known as K’Naomi. 

Naomi has kicked off her 2017 with big deals under her belt, after being named the first ever African female ambassador for   international sports brand, Reebok. 

She has also been selected by Maybelline as their first African global IT girl, which launch Naomis’ career into the international market.  

The official Maybelline announcement was made in mid April 2017 With the caption “IT’S OFFICIAL BABELLINES!!! So proud to announce that I’m the latest addition to the global #MaybellineItGirl squad AND I’ll be hosting Maybelline SA’s epic #OMGloss YouTube Series,” she posted with excitement. 

She showcased the beginning of her exciting journey with Maybelline, by posting a range of Maybelline cosmetics, she closes the video saying “I can’t wait to make it happen with Maybelline” which is the official hash tag.

Soon after, Maybelline flew her to the Coachella music festival in LA, which is one of the biggest music festivals in America, where she represented Maybelline and South Africa. The trip to LA also gave her the opportunity to mingle with influencers from different parts of the world. 

The world is an oyster for this 26 year old, her beauty, talent and determination demands attention and 2017 is year that she blossoms and become a household name. 

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