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Thursday, April 13, 2017

OPINION: 'We Don't Trust White People Period'

Dear White people
While you may end the day asking yourself what's wrong with some of us, we'll most of us, I think. Let me spare you the brain exercise.

You will note that there's quite a big number of Black people who agree that Pres Zuma is a liability, has been a liability in my eyes long before he was elected! As a matter of fact, I am one of the people who refused to vote for him as the issues surrounding him didn't sit well with me. 

The one very personal to me was the alleged rape, immaterial of whether he did or not, in my eyes if any of my husbands friends or comrades ended up in bed with my daughter, all shit would hit the fan! According to me that's not what a grown man who is raising daughters does, I wasn't okay with that, period and for me, his failure to control his sexual urges made me worry about his ability to control a country!!!

Life and behold, it would appear I wasn't far of the mark! Pretty prophetic even, wouldn't you say?
Okay, now back to the issue at hand. The #AntiZumaMarches... you are probably wondering why all the "Clever Blacks", aren't with you on the streets, as it's pretty obvious we are irked by the current state of SA.
I'll give you a few pointers to help you understand.
1. We don't trust white people, period!
This issue is not new, it has been around from the day your forefathers descended and started pointing guns at our forefathers who only had spears. They then took the land and started building legacies for their children, YOU.
You grew up, treated us like they did, continued to see us as an extension of the monkey race and then when Mandela declared the farce of the Rainbow state you started to pretend you like us, but not enough to give us back our stolen land... or even a fair share in it, instead we saw property prices rise, broadening the impossibility of Blacks owning property in South Afrika!
In all your years in SA you have been okay with the status quo, showed no moral obligation towards repatriation or even restoring what was taken away from Africans. 
You remained okay with our parents as your maids, you still do, and you never really bothered to introduce us Blacks to the real economy of SA, until the BEE laws were passed, and then you started doing it as tokenism, you started fronting and you didn't bother labeling that as corruption. You see that's why it is NOT easy for us to trust you as the moral compass and to even believe that this is about SA, because if it was your morality that's driving you, surely it should have been preceded by a need to share the wealth with the majority of SA!
2. We are scared of the people you are when you have power!
The institutionalisation of racism is proof that you come from a long lineage of what my young sister would accurately call "Bat-Shit-Crazy" individuals who found pleasure in lynching, raping and decaptiting Black people and with all that you still have the nerve to call us barbaric. We fear that those urges could be genetic, we see it in subtle displays of instability when you are under pressure.
We see you in workplaces where you automatically assume leadership when you work with Blacks, for no reason other than your colour! We see you on queues when you get super-agitated and start hurling profanities to cashiers, demanding to see managers as though you are the only one who is annoyed by the queue. We as black people generally remain calm under pressure, as we watch you become unstable! That shit scared the hell out of us, and it is that reason we don't want you to have any power over any Black person, Zuma included, because well, you are kind of crazy and heaven knows what would happen to us if you got all this power back!
3. We are tired of you telling us what to do!!!
If you remember last year the EFF called a national shutdown and a national shutdown it was. Why you may ask???
Simple, the EFF is BLACK and they therefore understand how to approach us, and this is a skill you would soon have to learn! Your approach is generally that of superiority and that of an us and them nature, where you are telling the slow people what must be done as the intellectuals of all races! Frankly it is annoying and fucking nauseating to see that in all the years you've lived in our land, you still don't know us and you still don't even try!
When we don't react in an unstable way each time there's a looming National crisis it is NOT because we are waiur directive, it is because we are dealing with it in our way, and our way is NOT your way, but it is an Afrikan way, and if you don't like it, you might as well find that second passport and bugger off, that will be extra unoccupied land for us!
4. It is a RACIAL matter!!!
In the history of life White people have not been known to lay down their lives for the benefit of Blackness! Why would you start now???? The fact that you still give us the biddy-eye when you see us walk in on areas you assume we don't belong in, makes us know that you still see race!
We see you move out to more "white" neighborhoods each time you see a number of Blacks move to certain areas! We see you remove your children from previous model C schools and opt for private schooling so you can ensure minimum contact with Blackness!'
We see you pretending to like our children, as long as they don't act too Black, and we see you try to polish them into whiteness, because you don't believe Blackness is good enough!
We see you calling eloquent and smart Blacks "different", because you cannot accept that Black is eloquent!
For as long as you show traces of Black hate and White Supremacy, you will NEVER have our full backing on ANYTHING!!!
We don't see you holding regular seminars against racism by your own, but each time there's public racism, all hell breaks loose and we see your true colour as you continue to label us, and blame us for racism, trying to call us on racism, a desperate attempt to hide the fact that racism is a white problem! Yes it is!!! You created this shit, and you must deal with it, at home, in churches, at work, everywhere where you see your people display what they have known all their lives to be right!!!
We note with irritation some of your pseudo-intellectuals creating stupid analysis of why it's impossible to give the land back without compensation. That's what is mostly irritating about you, the arrogance even when you know you are on the wrong! You CANNOT be drivers or dictators of the land redistribution issue, you are the thieves in this instance, so no thief can decide on the terms, even is the thief is white!!! So stop! This is one of the biggest reason why we cannot take you serious, because you do not take what really matters to us seriously!
The land is ours, the minerals are ours, but we remain the poorest in this country, and don't tell us about a handful of Blacks who are benefiting, that's an insult and an added twist of the knife as you already know that in this country, poverty is synonymous to Blackness and that can't be blamed on Zuma, but purely on White monopoly capital, which you will guard at all costs, as we can see from your jump at the crash of the rand and the declaration of the junk state! Start the talks of land redistribution amongst yourselves and be ready to listen, and maybe then we could give you the time of day!
In the meantime start asking yourself personally if you are ready to see Black people as equal humans, because whether you want to or not, we are here and we are coming for everything you said we couldn't  have, dignity, wealth, voices and that includes teaching Zuma and ANC a couple of lessons, but in our own terms!!!
Yours in Blackness
Mbali KaShongwe Gcabashe
The views expressed above are not that of GoXtra News but that of the concerned writer Mbali KaShongwe Gcabashe. This article/opinion piece first appeared on her Facebook page.
Buchule Raba is the publisher of GoXtra News and can be contacted via email

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