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Thursday, March 9, 2017


YFM  Drive Time Host, television personality and all rounder powerhouse, DJ Sabby is set to host his next radio and TV presenting workshop at the Bat Centre in Durban on March 25th, 2017 with Selimathunzi presenter Siphesihle Vazi.

DJ Sabby’s workshop initiative started 5 years ago with the aim of developing the youth who aspire to make it in the Radio and Television industry. Since its inception, this workshop platform has been hosted across the country in a variety of locations however, DJ Sabby believes that it is time to head back to Durban.

Radio Personalities like DJ Sabby are the voice of a radio station’s programme, whether they work in speech-based or music Radio. They create the tone and style of radio output and establish a relationship with listeners. A Radio Personality’s specific duties vary depending on the programme or station. 

They may present live or recorded shows, scripted and unscripted. Either way, attending the TV and Radio Workshop allows the public to gain first-hand knowledge and advice on how to be just like ‘The Best Thing Ever’, also known as DJ Sabby.

Television presenters may specialize in specific areas of announcing, such as children's programmes, news, sports or the weather and, obviously, need to be familiar with their chosen areas. Between programmes, they may be required to advertise forthcoming productions, make promotional and public announcements and identify the station. Some presenters introduce live programmes, while others announce pre-recorded or filmed programmes. Being able to gain knowledge on these activities is very important to succeed in the entertainment industry such as Selimathunzi Presenter, Siphesihle Vazi.

DJ Sabby feels it’s only right to bring the best in show business to provide valuable advice for those looking for ways to enter the Television and Radio Industries. One on one conversations that allow questions to be answered honestly. There is limited space available so booking early is crucial.

The TV & Radio presenting training platform goes beyond trying to assist someone to get an understanding of how it works to be the voice behind the mic or the face on TV. We seek to assist people to better their personal presentation skills and assist them to boost their confidence levels & self-esteem because we constantly have to present ourselves on a daily basis. I am excited to have Vazi who comes with TV experience as a presenter on Selimathunzi and he has done TV facilitations with On Cue Communications. Taking it back home to KZN makes it more exciting as we sharing it nabomkhaya bethu." Expresses DJ Sabby.

If you would like to attend the TV and Radio Workshop:
Date: March 25th
Venue: Bat Centre in Durban (45 Maritime Place, Small Craft Harbour)
Tickets: R280 available via WhatsApp or Email (Limited Seats)

For more information:

WhatsApp / Call: 062 550 4022


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