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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BONANG Matheba keeps mum as another woman shela her live on air!

Metro FM DJ Bonang Matheba's voice disappeared on the airwaves earlier this morning while presenting her show The Front Row on Metro FM. This was after a female caller from Durban told her that she is in love with her.

Queen B as popularly known, spoke after a long silence and announced that she'll have to just play a song.

“I love you Bonang and I would like to meet up with you whenever you are in Durban,” the anonymous listener said. The listener also spoke about how she loves her voice and how she understand that nothing would happen between her and Bonang meet one day.

As the listener spoke Bonang remained silent. Her co-hosts on the show Mr T and Naked DJ nudged Bonang to reply to the listener. The two co-hosts even wanted to ask if she's "straight".

Bonang's silence speaks volumes to the LGBT community. One craves to ask if Bonang is homophobic or not. We would have loved to hear her responding about the on air "romance". Not to judge Bonang, but what she did was not a clever move for her to keep mum, because we are in a country that supports (constitutionally gay and lesbian rights). As a public figure and role model, her opinion about any issue is very vital.

She is using a very powerful medium that could have helped many South Africans to see that being gay or lesbian is not a sin. Queen B should have communicated her feelings openly about the issue and not leave it to public scrutiny.

After she played a song, she said nothing about what had previously happened and continued with the show. It was unfair of Miss Matheba!

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