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Friday, October 24, 2014

Chemistry of all kinds in the finale of Reality Check!

Arguably the funniest, fun-filled and entertaining episode of Reality Check! Season 2; it’s the Finale on Saturday!

Somizi, Boity and Bongani are joined in studio by sharp comedian and presenter for’s SA’s Got Talent, Tats Nkonzo, for a snuggle up (literally) on the couch.  After a grueling 12 weeks of a reality check, charity work, tapping into unfamiliar territory, the team is in studio to find out how much money was raised and which charity will be the beneficiary.

Now back in a plush lounge of the suburbia, the threesome tells Tats about the drama that comes with blue collar work, getting to know each other outside the red carpet and you will be shocked to learn who feels they did not need a reality check.

We also take a look at the entertaining antics of “Brother Leader” as he continuously did everything in his power to harmonise and ease the tension of the group; ensuring that, aside from raising money, people around him have fun at all times.

“I actually learnt that trick from the late Brenda Fassie, a life with no dull moments,” said Somizi as he shares a sentiment that warmed Bongani’s heart.

And of course the chemistry; some had it, some did not have it and they reflect on how their personalities clashed and related. Never to be left out, Tats and a certain celebrity develop their own special brand of chemistry in studio. Don’t miss it!

It’s the final episode of Reality Check Season 2, on Saturday at 6:05PM on

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