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Monday, August 18, 2014

SABC: Generations' Actors FIRED with Immediate EFFECT!

MMSV Productions, producers of South Africa’s most popular soap opera, Generations, has terminated the contracts of 16 of the show’s cast members.
MMSV Productions released a statement on Monday afternoon to say that the contracts of the striking actors had been terminated. “MMSV Productions, following consultation with the South African Broadcasting Corporation [SABC], have today [Monday] terminated the contracts of the striking actors on the SABC1 soap drama, Generations.”

The termination follows calls by both parties for the actors to return for recordings, following the start of their illegal strike. In the statement, the SABC and MMSV Productions said measures have been put in place to ensure the future of the show and that this would be made public soon.
The cast of Generations confirmed that they have received letters of dismissal with immediate effect. 
In a statement released on behalf of them, the actors state they made a decision to examine their legal options. “We are saddened by this development, but remain steadfast in our goal to ensure fair working conditions for ourselves as creative professionals.”
Earlier on Monday, the cast members of Generations refused to go back on set, despite a warning from producers of the show.
Bulelani Mzamo, lawyer for the actors, confirmed to the Mail & Guardian that the actors were still on strike. 
“The actors didn’t return and they have not received any letters of termination,” Mzamo said earlier. “Instead of negotiating with the cast or giving them a response, they have ordered them back to work with no word about their grievances.”
Not return to set:
The actors of Generations were told on Friday that their contracts would be terminated should they not return to set on Monday morning.
SABC 1’s primetime soap opera attracts more than seven-million viewers a night, making it one of the most watched television shows in the country. Despite this popularity, the show’s main actors claim they are not being treated or remunerated fairly. 
The SABC, MMSV Productions and the cast of the 21-year-old show have been at loggerheads since October 2013.
Generations executive producer Mfundi Vundla confirmed none of the actors returned to work and that he would release a statement on Monday.
Demands:The actors are demanding bigger salaries and extended three-year contracts. They also want royalties from episodes that have been rebroadcast, as well as syndication fees resulting from the sale of Generations outside of South Africa. The actors have threatened to go to court if their contracts are terminated on Monday.
According to Sunday World, the SABC rejected the actors’ pay increases which it deems “astronomical”, increasing the wages of long-serving actors form R16 000 to R30 000 per week.
“There has been a great deal of talk from the SABC that we want to be paid extravagant salaries – this is simply not true,” the actors said in a statement released on Monday morning.
“Our actor colleagues on the same platform, SABC, are paid at much better rates – so it is possible. For some bizarre reason, however, the powers-that-be choose to keep Generations cast locked into a lower pay grade. This is unjust, and we want it reviewed. We don’t think this is an unreasonable request, considering the audience figures and revenues that the show generates.”
This is not the first time the cast members have walked off set.

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