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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Social Media Rumours SHOVE Teargas' K.O to do an HIV/AIDS TEST!

Well, it’s out, no more tittle-tattle until further notice!

Social media and Twitter in particular has the ability to give a voice to rumor mongers; anyone with an agenda can use those 140 characters and a hashtag to start a negative rumor about anyone or anything without giving a second thought to how this will impact the lives of those targeted.

On 21 May someone on twitter started a rumor about K.O having HIV/AIDS after K.O posted a picture of himself at an event, the picture shows K.O to have lost weight. Now those that follow K.O on social media would know that K.O has been working out and even taken cycling as part of his exercise regiment and added to that he is a clean eater and thus the weight loss. (SEE RESULTS BELOW)

The rumor spread quickly on social media and before long K.O’s health status was trending, and some people turned it into a big joke and openly laughed about it.

Sad really given that HIV/AIDS is no laughing matter and these actions only worsen the stigma around the

A day later K.O responded by posting this note on twitter and Instagram:

Much like my Maker, I have an incomprehensibly forgiving heart. See I get it! The intrigue around who I really am and the life I lead off camera is heightened each time I do good in the game. Thing about paddling lies is that falsehood doesn't eventually become truth no matter how hard the most spiteful of hearts desires.
A lie yesterday is still a lie tomorrow and beyond. Lies just like the truth, do not change. So I forgive you all for stirring up false info & inaccurate speculations about my health (LOL and calling me names). Oh and thank you for spectating, but I'm sorry there's no story here. Bless.

This did not quell the rumors, if anything it seemed to have put poured petrol onto the fire. To kill the rumor once and for all; yesterday K.O took an HIV test and posted the results on twitter and Instagram.

This I not the first time K.O posts his results, for the last five years K.O has been testing twice a year and he
has shared his results in the hopes that he will inspire more young people to get tested.

It is indeed sad that some of our people take HIV/AIDS as a joke when the country has once again the highest infection rate in the world.

Issued By Thabiso Khati of Cash Time Life.

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