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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TODAY: Mo Flava takes the driver’s seat as the new host of YFM’s Drive Time show!

It’s that time of the year when South Africa’s radio stations announce their new on-air line-up. This period is usually filled with anxiety and excitement as the country waits, with bated breath, to hear whether their favourite jocks will be reshuffled to another time slot, another radio station or not return on air at all.
Fans of YFM’s Mo Flava will be ecstatic to be informed that their favourite jock has been moved to the converted Drive time slot. “The Freeway” kicks off on the 1st April 2014 (3pm – 7pm) with Mo Flava in the pilot’s seat and Khutso Theledi will be his co-host. True to form, “The Freeway” promises to bring the energy, controversy and spark those much needed discussions the audience have come to expect from Mo Flava and his team.

“I did the breakfast show for four years! This shift is exactly what I had planned from the moment I joined YFM and now the time is right for me to move to drive time. This slot will allow me to explore various topics and conversations that I couldn’t tackle in the morning, making for better radio. Plus I get to sleep a little longer and not have to wake up before the cock crows!” said Mo Flava (real name Moeti Tsiki).
“The Freeway” will consist of various features which will ensure that listeners will always be abreast of good music, pop culture and topics that are on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Features will range in focus from Gossip, breaking new music, love confessions to woman empowerment and a daily 30 minute music mix.
Another great addition to “The Freeway” team is Dj Thabi Thabs. Dj Thabi Thabs was the winner of Mo’s female DJ search in 2013. She will be the resident DJ.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to hit “The Freeway”! Weekdays from 3pm – 7pm with Mo Flava on Yfm 99.2!

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