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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Fall of the Nyathis: wrath of the ancestors!

Gogo is dead! Will the Nyathis remember her stern warning about the wrath of the ancestors or attribute their recent misfortune to a coincidence?

A terrified Daniel and Shakira will need to make a decision that will affect the wellbeing of the entire family.

Shortly before Gogo died from a mysterious skin condition, she spent her last days warning her son and his family of the streak of bad luck and a dark cloud that will befall the family. She was very specific about what needs to be done in order to avoid the demise of the entire family: Daniel and members of the family need to confess every crime they have ever committed.

The big question is, will the Nyathis take Gogo’s advice and come clean about their crimes, or will they consider Gogo’s death as a relief to the pressure. With Mangi’s accident, the re-appearance of Cain and the snake that was found in the Nyathi house, just how much more do the ancestors have planned for this troubled family?

Up to now, Shakira has been the only one who believes that the ancestors are indeed punishing the Nyathis, but will she stand up and face her own demons or will she flee, in typical Shakira fashion? How far will she go to protect her comfort and the safety of her daughter?

All of this and plenty more drama will be revealed in the month of April and May on Scandal!, weekdays at7:30 only on

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