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Friday, March 28, 2014

Oude Meester is proud to announce its official association with Idris Elba!

Oude Meester is proud to announce its official association with Idris Elba as the new Brand Ambassador for its Brandy.  Elba will be integral to the launch of an exciting Oude Meester initiative that celebrates mastery and the importance of the diverse journeys that are followed in pursuit of excellence.

Elba’s commitment to his craft, and his passion for connecting with others make him the perfect Ambassador to lead Mastery In The Making – the brand’s innovative project that seeks to showcase and celebrate the talent, skill and innovative spirit of South Africa’s young creative entrepreneurs. With a focus on the fields of film, music, technology and design, the brandy has already identified its first Young South African Master, Siyabonga Radebe, who will be an integral part of the Mastery In The Making campaign.

Siya (also known in comedy circles as Siya B) is a South African actor, singer, writer, director and standup comedian best known for his role as Cassius in the SABC1 drama series ‘A Place Called Home’ from 2006-2009.

Originally from Durban, Siya’s journey to mastery, which includes winning a SAFTA in 2012, is an inspiration to many creative young South Africans and he is thrilled to be part of this innovative project.

As part of the Brandy’s on-going commitment to mastery and creating a legacy worthy of its name, Mastery In The Making will tap into Elba’s passion for music, film, technology and most importantly, his overriding goal to inspire.

For the brand, Idris Elba exemplifies the attributes of a true Master, from African roots he has become an internationally acclaimed and celebrated actor and role model.  His commitment to mentor and give others a chance to continue their journey towards mastery is   at the heart of the Mastery in the Making campaign.

The Brandy’s brand manager Genius Mnywabe was quoted saying that they are very proud to be associated with Idris Elba who truly is the embodiment of a Master.

Details of the Mastery In The Making programme will be announced in the upcoming weeks as well as more details of Idris Elba’s tour to South Africa. As part of this campaign there will be a range of opportunities for young entrepreneurs but also exciting competitions with amazing prizes and the chance to meet Idris Elba.

The new television commercial featuring Elba will also start airing on South African TV from April 2014.

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